Tapa the World

J and I took a little trip to Europe on Saturday. Well, not literally. You know that’s not possible in a 24-hour day (when’s the teleporter finally going to be invented, I ask!), but we definitely felt like we were in Europe sitting on the street patio of this fantastic Spanish restaurant in town on Saturday night.
We didn’t have dinner before 10 p.m. (that’s the Spanish thing to do!), it was still fairly warm outside, I enjoyed some Sangria and we ordered those delicious tapas (“appetizers”)

Fresh bread

Steamed mussels (Sorry  that I only got a picture after the fact, but the mussels were just too good!)

Fried potatoes


Olive assortment

This is what I love about Midtown. That there is a variety of independent restaurants with food from all over the world. That we can walk and in within minutes be in the heart of this city. That we can also feel like we’re thousands of miles away in a different country by diving into these wonderful authentic restaurants and delicious foods.

How was your weekend?

  1. Good. Busy, and since this sinus infection has a real hold on me, also sleepy. Calling in a moment for a doctor’s appointment.
    We got one cherry tree netted, and finally the sun came out. Life is good!

  2. My weekend was quiet. We had big plans for outdoor activities but it rained so we went to the library instead :) I live in a city with tons of “ethnic” restaurants but we’ve never gone to a single one – Nathan’s not very adventurous when it comes to food!

  3. oh man, this looks AMAZIN. now i want mussels. right away. unfortunately here you can only eat them in months with the letter “R” = not in june :( oh well, i’ll just have to wait.

    my weekend was quiet and i was sewing most of the time :)
    HDGDL und denk’ an dich!

  4. I ADORE tapas. My favorite place in D.C. still haunts me – I’ve yet to find anything that comes close here in new Hampshire…

  5. Well, we went to the Mediterranean on Saturday!
    Pita jungle is a new restaurant in Pasadena. It was quiet good food! :)
    Love the pictures of the Tapas!

  6. I love tapas … reminds me of my trips to Spain … but, it’s also such a fun way to eat … you get a little taste of everything!

  7. I’m not in mussels, but all the rest looks so delish!! Gosh! Look at those fried potatoes. :)
    Ah, how I wish someone would invent something like “Apparieren” (what’s the English word again?) in real life? Wouldn’t that be great. On the other hand, visiting far away places wouldn’t be that special anymore…

    Here’s to a great week. Lots of love. Muah!

  8. Hi, San!

    I found about you through Chrissy’s blog and have just entered your giveaway! ;)

    I can’t believe your story! I moved from Argentina to California this February! :D

    Hope you have an amazing week!


  9. yum! this looks so good, especially the fried potatoes and i’m pretty much a fan of any meal that involves sangria!

  10. Mmmmm, tappas. Love that you and J went out and enjoyed a spanish meal so late. Sounds perfect.

  11. Mmmm tapas, I am getting hungry now hehehe. I am a follower found you off of Chrissy’s blog.

  12. Mmmh those Tapas look yummy!
    We had a great Midsummer weekend with the usual festivities and a big party on Friday and two nice smaller BBQs with friends on Saturday and Sundy! Gotta luv the summer!

  13. Yummy, that looks delicious!
    Hope your week is fab so far!
    Hugs xxx

  14. YUm! I I love spanish food- especially tapas :)

    My weekend was great- it was filled with hiking.. beer.. chowder.. and saltwater taffy from the coast.

  15. hehe, I love the title of this post! I’ve never had a tapas meal before but it looks like a lot of fun. I’ve also never eaten mussels! Apparently I need to get out more :)

  16. not a mussels fan but love tapas…been to a pretty good restaurant a few times now in Bremen, if you are ever in the area :) maybe when visiting Kim, go to Bodega on the Schlachte, very good Spanish food and tapas, especially prunes in bacon and lamb with lemon sauce.
    My weekend was mostly spent with baking (all saturday), I found a million wonderful recipes (mostly through following links on pics on Pinterest) and just had to try two of them (not enough time for more and would have died of sugar overdose then probably) :) Sunday we went to the Altstadtfest in the next bigger town, good music, good food and a huge “Radler-Maß” for me and hubby!! Summer finally arrived and we also went to the pool with the kids…

  17. I’ve actually been here! And I truly LOVE Tapas, yum!

  18. I love Tapa the World! Their food is so delish, and you really can’t beat eating outside :)

  19. Not generally a fan of olives but the mussels and the bread look *so* delicious! Yum. :)
    I love that you have kind of European-style restaurants in your area. Just another pro of living in a big(ish) city, I guess? I tend to forget that the US has it all, and it’s not big (fast food) chains only. Oops. :P (Rural KY can give you that impression sometimes…)

    Also, I just noticed that it’s only 24 days until your parents are coming to visit! I swear it was still 78 days away JUST YESTERDAY! Haha. You must be getting excited! :)

  20. I love tapas – absolutely adore them! I wish my neighborhood was more walkable and that we could leave our front stoop and find delicious food within minutes without having to get into the car. Our next will definitely be closer to food goodies.

  21. omg! food porn! Everything here looks so good! I want!

  22. mmmm I love tapas, gambas al ajillo are my favorite!

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