Monthly recap | December


I finished one book that I had already started in November and then started a second one, but only got halfway through before my library loan expired. So yeah, reading hasn’t been a priority this month, but I am planning on finding my reading mojo again in 2020. 


We fell in love with this broccoli-chicken soup (you should make it!) and we added some potatoes to it, which was a great choice. We also tried a new ravioli ‘lasagna’ recipe. 


We watched quite a few Christmas movies. Not all that I had on my list, but at least some of my favorites. 


I listened to Christmas music and a few episodes of  Pod Save America!


I invested into a small electric kettle for my office, so I could make tea (while I was taking a coffee break) and I don’t know what took me so long because it’s way nicer to make a fresh cup of tea at work than taking a thermos.

I also bought Christmas gifts (who is surprised), a mug for the Secret Santa Mug Swap, a planner for Jon (I can’t tell you how excited I am that my husband is a planner!) and a new pair of jeans and a fleece jacket (because I am always cold).

I also finally decided on a new planner for myself, which wasn’t an easy decision, but with the new year approaching fast, I had no choice. (I’ll tell you more in a separate post.)

RAN (and cycled)

I ran 59 miles and cycled 48 miles this month. My overall running mileage this year was significantly down from last year, which was partly due to the fact that I picked up cycling, which replaced one of my running days without an extra day added to my routine. Contemplating how to change things up in 2020. 


+ December went by quickly somehow, but I tried to enjoy the heck out of the holiday season. I got to see my friend Susi for a day, I baked Christmas cookies and sent Christmas cards (and loved receiving them).

+ I visited my giraffe friends when I was over in our old neighborhood and I hope they were as excited to see me as I was about seeing them.

+ I took a break from drinking coffee for 3 weeks while I was on round of Nexium. I was hoping to nip my GERD issues in the butt (and I think I did. It took about 10 days for symptoms to finally go away, but I have since reintroduced coffee and so far – fingers crossed – things are good. I don’t think coffee was the issue in the first place, but I’ll definitely be more vigilant of any returning symptoms.)

+ I organized the 4th annual Secret Santa Mug Swap 2019 and it was so much fun to send a little surprise package to someone during the holiday season, and I got a beautiful mug (see above!) and extra goodies myself!  I’m still planning to post a reveal-wrap up post soon.

+ President Trump got impeached and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… laugh, because thank God, the House finally DID SOMETHING, or cry, because the motion will most likely die in the Senate. Sigh. But hey, at least he gave federal employees Christmas Eve off (in what is probably a self-serving decision because he’s trying to ‘buy’ our votes or something). 

+ Because Christmas (and New Year’s) fell on Wednesdays this year, I took two vacation days after the holidays and, since Fridays are my “regular days off” (keep in mind, I work 10 hour days normally), I got two long weekends out of it. Double win! 

+ We saw our friends for dinner just before the new year and I met up with my old neighbor friend for a mani + pedi in the afternoon on New Year’s Eve to catch up. 

How was your December?

  1. Oh that soup looks so yummy.
    I will make that next week When I have all ingredients on hand. Saved for sure.

  2. That is funny that Jon is a planner. I don’t think i know any guys that use a planner! Seems like most men just don’t like to plan! Phil is NOT a planner. Sometimes i wish he had one because I feel like he will ask multiple times when we are doing something, even though I write it on a calendar in our kitchen… but there’s no way he would ever actually use a planner! I do send him meetings in outlook when we have an appt we both need to attend or he needs to pick Paul up from daycare.

    December was a busy month for us as we continued to settle into our house, dealt with some maintenance issues, hosted a cookie decorating party, and hosted our first holiday in our new house! The month was a bit of a blur but it was a fun one!

  3. You know, I’m taking this time to celebrate the impeachment. Sure, it’s not going to turn out the way we want it to because Senate Republicans have no backbone but he now has an asterisk by his name and that’s a great thing.

    I’m glad you got to have lots of time off around the holidays! It’s so weird to go back to normal life after two weeks of weird work schedules!

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