Top 10 Tuesday (minus one): My Make Up Bag

I am going on a cross-Atlantic trip tomorrow in about 7 hours, I am not almost finished packing and I have the nerve to sit down and do the “Top 10 Tuesday: My Make Up Bag’ list seen over at

My Top Ten (minus one): Make up

Oh well, why not, right? :)

1. What can I say? I got hooked on “Bare Minerals Foundation” about a year ago. I had very sensitive skin before that would react to any kind of liquid make up or compact powder. I could never figure out which it was, but it was annoying. With the “Bare Minerals” Foundation and Mineral Veil, I don’t need any other foundation underneath  (and it has SPF 15) and my skin is so much better (= less breakouts).

2. Maybelline Cover Stick. I am actually using the “yellow” one right now (for dark circles and other blemishes) and it works great.

3.  Sephora’s Ultra Shine Lip Gloss. I hate lipstick. Hate it. I think it feels really “weird” when I wear lip stick. But Lip Gloss I can do. Actually, I love this one. It’s super-lightweight and my favorite color is “06” (copper).

4. Cotton Swabs. Every Make Up Bag needs Cotton Swabs. They clean up every little mess and are so useful for so many things: smudging and softening, in place of a eyeshadow brush or even for applying gloss.

5. Maybelline Eye Liner. I’ve tried so many eye liners, believe you me. It’s either I have an unsteady hand or I am just too stupid to apply liquid eye liner. With this eye liner though, I am doing a somewhat decent job. I still need the above mentioned cotton swab to help out, but it’s the only eye liner that doesn’t make a complete mess (or let’s rephrase: that I don’t make a complete mess with).

6. Lancôme Juciy Tubes. These come in really handy if I don’t want to use much color (in which case I go for the Sephora Lip Gloss). Juicy Tubes give a nice shimmer and natural plumer for your lips.

7. Sephora Enchanted Eye Palette. I just bought this recently, because it was recommended to me at the store since the colors go so well with my brown hair and hazel eyes. I am on the search of the forever-perfect eye shadow for me, because I have a hard time finding colors that will be “visible”, but not look too colorful.

8. Maybelline Sky High Curves Mascara. That is the mascara I happen to use right now. I am switching back and forth between mascaras and have yet to find one that absolutely satisfies me so much that I don’t ever want to use another mascara ever again.

9. Bare Minerals Blush. I never thought that blush would do anything for me, but it actually accentuates the cheeks pretty nicely. I just use a tiny little bit, brushed on very lightly on the apples of the cheeks.

So, that is my current Make Up Bag. What does yours look like?

  1. When I was your age, by make-up bag was light weight like yours. Now at 50, I carry a tackle box! LOL!!!
    Have a great time in Germany and drop us all a note if you can. (With pictures of Greta too!)

  2. 7 hours and you are gone home!
    Enjoy your trip and give us a note that you arrived safely!!

  3. I use the same Maybelline Cover Stick, Lancôme Juciy Tubes, and Sky High Curves Mascara! And I so know what you mean about cotton swabs, although the ones I use with my makeup are specifically for that – they’re pointed on one end and flat on the other.

  4. i hope by now you had a warm welcome at home at got some sleep in your old bedroom in good ol grevenbroich. nice collection of colors and items u have there. since i a double spoiled for selling make up and having a boyfriend who gets so many great make up labels for free and also stuff at sephora u should see my bag;-)

  5. sweeety, i hope you had a great trip and got home safely. enjoy every minute with your family and especially greta! big smooch from my second home in MN :)

  6. NICE! The contents of your makeup bag are lovely! Mine is a jumbled mess of old great lash mascara, a 1990’s wet n wild eye liner, and maybe a mac lipglass that is punctured and leaking….eeekkk!
    I really think I need to try Bare Minerals, everyone that uses it seems to love it…I think it’s time to make the switch!!

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