Current Favorites Vol. 3

1. I splurged on one more Peloton Workout Set* (kindly modeled here by Peloton instructor Kristin McGee) before my birthday, because they had a big sale and the set that I had set my heart on was available at a substantial discount. Isn’t it pretty?? While I love these workout sets, I’d never pay full price for them. They’re just too expensive for something I completely soak in sweat every time I get on the bike. Haha.

2. Forgive me if I have to bring up one more time how much I love my new Brooks Ricochet 3* running shoes? I know, I know, I am well aware that you’re not supposed to pick out your running shoes by design or color (and I didn’t!), but when the shoe model that works for you also comes in pretty colors – that’s a win-win situation! I am really so happy with these shoes (three months in!)

3. I bought this Slim Credit Card Holder Wallet* before Christmas as a gift for myself because I wanted a smaller wallet that I could use for travel or for situations, where I didn’t want to lug my big wallet around (it has 6 card slots, a money pocket, and an ID/driver license window on the backside). This one also has a (detachable) D-shackle, so I can attach it to my new lanyard (that Stefanie so kindly purchased for me from my birthday list. Thank you again!), which I’ll be using a lot more when I go back to the office.

4. I think I mentioned that I received this Opalhouse Hug in a Mug’ Coffee Mug* as part of a Christmas giveaway and it’s become one of my favorite go-to coffee mugs. It’s a great size and it’s so pretty.

5. I think I mentioned before that I love TJ’s Shea Butter & Coconut Hair Mask and I’ve now tried the sister product, the Shea Butter & Coconut Oil Hair Serum* and I LOVE it. I just put it in the ends and use it to smooth down fly-away hairs and it smells so heavenly.

6. I picked up this Native Vitamin C & B3 Serum* on a whim because the vitamin c serum I was using ran out and I needed a replacement. Since I love all the other Native products that I’ve been trying (deodorant, shampoo, body wash), I thought I’d give this serum a try and I have to say that I really like it. It’s a pretty “watery” solution, but it’s easy to apply and makes my skin feel very soft and smooth.

7. Oh, have you tried these new sour cream & onion flavored lentil-rice snacks* from Trader Joe’s? They are so addicting. I am just giving you a fair warning.

8. We’ve rediscovered fennel for cooking and I am obsessed. It smells delicious and is so versatile. Do you like/eat fennel? I highly recommend you start incorporating this into your meal planning asap.

What are you loving these days? Share some favorites with me!

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.

  1. We love fennel here. It’s not quite appearing at the Farmer’s Market yet, but when it does we use it in a lot of rice/legume-based slow cooker recipes. We eat vegetarian most of the time, but there’s a recipe we used to make with chicken thighs, rice, and fennel in the slow cooker that I still think about a lot!

    1. Oh, I haven’t used it in the slow cooker. Great idea.

  2. You do such a lovely job on these posts. They always give me warm fuzzies. I never feel like you’re “selling” anything, and I just genuinely enjoy seeing what other people are using in their real lives.

    I LOVE cute sneakers and those are swoon-worthy. I just transitioned to a smaller wallet recently and it’s AMAZING. I don’t know if I can ever go back. And I love mugs (that was actually the one souvenir we brought back from South Carolina was a new mug) and the one you received is just adorable (and looks like the perfect size).

    I almost never use fennel. I had one recipe that used it; it’s delicious, it just never seems to make it into my cart.

    I posted some recent favourites on the blog last week but as for this very minute? My keto PB mug cake after lunch was delicious and I’m frozen today (tough transition back from the sunny South to chilly/overcast Canada) and I’m wearing my 15-year-old fuzzy bathrobe and I just love it!

    1. Thanks friend. I am glad I don’t sound like I want to “sell” something because honestly I just want to share the good stuff… and I love these kinds of posts from others (including yours the other day!). Keto PB mug cake? I am intrigued!

  3. Neither Phil or I like fennel! I do not care for the taste as all so I have learned to leave it out of recipes and wouldn’t make something that had it as a prominent ingredient!

    I am loving my new running shoes. I had purchased the brand of Mizunos that I have ran in for something like 15 years and sadly I had to return them before they really really hurt my feet. :( So now I am running in Hokas for the first time. I’ve had them for about 2 weeks and they feel great. And I love the bright magenta color I ordered.

    1. Do you guys also don’t like onions? I feel like fennel is so similar in taste/flavor…
      I am intrigued by Hokas. I honestly haven’t branched out much when it comes to running shoes (it’s always a gamble) but I know a few runners who love Hokas!

  4. We like onions a lot! Fennel had a slightly different taste for us. I don’t know how to describe it, but it’s off putting for us!

  5. Ooooh the Peloton outfit is so cute! Their stuff is so expensive but I have purchased a couple of things on discount and they are such good quality!

  6. I haven’t been to trader joe’s in so long but I think I need to go just to try these items (plus all their yummy summer stuff!). Love that set- I got a free set from Peloton as part of their annual challenge and now I’m kind of addicted because of how nice their fabric feels. Dangerous problem!

  7. I don’t dislike fennel, per se. But I get intimated by it. Can you share some favorite ways to cook with it/eat it?

  8. I’ve heard good things about Brooks shoes. I really should look into them. I’m not a runner, but I have bad feet and I could use something good for dance!


  9. I’m a fennel lover, too, and that wallet is fantastic! I might need to check that out.
    I don’t often use fennel in my cooking – i am not that creative – but when I do have it I often roast it and then add it to whatever I am eating. I had to get over the whole licorice thing!
    And isn’t it nice when your favorite sneakers also come in fun colors/patterns? It’s like the Universe is paying attention. :)

  10. I love fennel but haven’t had it in a while. So thanks for the reminder. Also I just went to an Aldi here in my new neighborhood and they had some trader Joes items. I figured I need to re-rad your TJ posts to see what you recommend and if I can find some of those items. I was able to snatch a box of pop tarts for a really good price. A treat I sometimes like to have.

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