In which I am a tiny bit stressed out, but in a good way.

I didn’t think I would say this this year, but I am a little stressed out. Hence the lack of posts. The sh*tload of work I have to do at work is not helping either.
Do you know the feeling when you’re counting down the days to a certain date and you cannot wait for the final day to be there and a couple of days beforehand, you’re thinking… “Woah, slow down. This is going way too fast. There is so much to do and so little time left”.

That’s exactly the way I feel right now.
With only a week to go until we’re off to Germany, my schedule is packed!

Don’t get me wrong though. I love the feeling of giddy excitement and most of the things on my list, I LOVE and look forward to… (except for item #5 and #6).

#1 Appointment with my hair dresser today after work.
#2 Write my 50+ Christmas cards.
#3 Do some last minute shopping for a couple of items that I need to take to Germany.
#4 Mail some packages.
#5 Laundry.
#6 Clean up our place before we leave (so that we don’t come back to a hell hole).

I am sure I am forgetting something,…and before you suggest it, I made a list. In fact, I made three lists and I am constantly jumping back and forth between them. Usually, I also keep a fourth list in my head. Just in case, you know.
But please feel free to remind me of anything that comes to your mind, because it might be what I think I am forgetting.

Despite the organizational chaos, I am really getting into a festive mood. We have beautiful winter weather (yeah, I know it’s not technically winter yet, but…) with cold, crisp temperatures and beautiful sunshine. We had our Christmas potluck lunch at work yesterday (which is always very nice with way too much food, and even more desserts to follow), we have one more Christmas party on Friday and now, that it is December, I actually enjoy the Christmas music that you hear everywhere.

Ah, I am feeling so christmassy already!

  1. Do you need to have your mail held or forwarded while you’re gone? Or have a newspaper held? I usually forget those things when we leave for the holidays.

  2. Can’t think of anything you could forget. But if something comes to my mind I will let you know. ;-)

    My Christmas Cards are ready and the ones who go international are sent out. Yay!!

  3. Puhhh, makes me feel less bad that I haven’t written my X-mas cards yet either. The lists: look familiar. The giddy feeling: yup, I know what you mean! The stressy felling: Yes, I have that, too! But we can do it, isn’t it always just falling into place?

  4. oh man, EXACTLY how i feel these days. enjoy the count-down, sweety and have a good trip (if we don’t hear from each other before that…) xoxoxo

  5. i am sure u get through all that with all of your lists. have a good time in sunny cali before u leave. some grey skies will expect u here;-)
    have a good trip!!!

  6. i hear you! we will leave the day after you!

  7. wie aufregend! will fotos vom frisoer sehen!!! ich gehe naechste woche! hihi. viel spass noch bei den letzten vorbereitungen, das ist ja sehr aufregend, wenn auch viel zu tun. du packst das! vorfreude ist doch die schoeneste freude!! knuffel dich lieb

  8. Oh but think of all the fun you will be having with your sister and baby Greta!

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