The Blackberry Issue

I am sure you’ve heard it on the News. It’s really something that you couldn’t avoid hearing about these last few days.
Can Barack Obama keep his blackberry or does he have to surrender it?


They cannot seriously make that an issue for people to discuss on the radio. Or can they?
I am so confused.
Why in the world would he have to give up his personal cell phone? If one president needs it, then it’s him.
I’ve heard he wants a desktop computer in the Oval Office as well.

More power to you, Barack!
Security issues? Oh pluh-ease!
I am pretty sure the Secret Service and CIA have the technology to make those kinds of communication safe. At least, for the president of the US of A, if not for anybody else.

Sometimes I really wonder if they don’t have more important things to talk about. Well, I guess, I am a hypocrite, because I am talking about it on my blog, but to be honest, I really did not have anything else to write about for today.
I’ll promise I’ll be more entertaining tomorrow!

  1. no they really don’t have more important things to talk about, haha.

  2. And that, my friend, is just one of the myriad of reasons why I no longer watch the news! lol

  3. This is a pretty ridiculous issue. It is simpy because Obama has not done anything “dumb” in the eyes of the media, like the idiot of the past 8 yrs. Therefore the media must entertain us by talking about dog adoption and iphones. Ok, there are security issues with iphones and there are no hypo-allergenic dogs, oh fucking well. Lets get down to brass tacks and talk about the important promises of tomorrow, like less expensive tuitions and more u.s. based jobs. Lets fix the economy and worry less about dogs and phones… because when it comes to a broken economy I think we can fix it…YES WE CAN!!

  4. hey, didn’t you hear about how he wants to change the national anthem and flag as well? so much for what journalists are worried about *rollseyes* people need to get their priorities straight. seriously…

    PS: i miss you. any news ’bout xmas? lets talk soon. before i leave for sure! xoxoxo

  5. Well, I also think being without e-mail or a cellphone is so last century, but from what I gathered the real problem is that everything the president puts in writing automatically becomes public record and can be subpoenaed and I suppose being without e-mail / cellphone limits the electronic ‘paper trail’.

  6. i guess when you are in his position or like any other celebrity, people just have to talk about you and have to find something, even when it’s something so ridiculous. and people love to discuss those things on the radio or in talkshows or where so friggin ever;-)

  7. @viviane… I get your point, but I think so far Barack Obama has been smart enough (they mentioned the primaries) to be VERY careful what to say/write publicly. (They were referring to emails/text messages that he received and responded to). So even if whatever the president puts in writing becomces public record, he should be able to talk to his wife, his kids and be available for them.

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