Go Germany!

I was so tired this morning. You want to know why?

I stayed up until 1 a.m. last night, because I wanted to watch the rerun of the Euro 2008 Semifinal Germany vs. Turkey.
I had found out that ESPN broadcasts the European Soccer Championship LIVE, but of course, it was lunch time here and I was at work when the semifinal took place. So I asked J to look up if they would show a rerun later in the evening and they did!
I purposely avoided reading or hearing anywhere about the outcome of the semifinal throughout the day, because I wanted to have the “live” experience… I wouldn’t have been willing to stay up that late, if I had known the score already.

At 10:30 p.m., we got out our fan paraphernalia [= lanyard keychains] and pretended the game hadn’t taken place yet. The game was pretty exciting. Not the best game I’ve seen from the German team, but definitely a thriller literally until the last minute!

Why did ESPN rerun it so late? J thought it’s because not many people would be watching it. In prime time they we’re showing Baseball and NASCAR. We’re in the US after all ;)
The problem was that I was getting kind of tired and did fall asleep a couple of times for a few milliseconds and of course “missed” two of the goals *argh* but hey, we have digital TV where you can instantly rewind and re-watch everything :) I love it.

In the end, I thought it had been totally worth to stay up that late and only get about 4,5 hours of sleep. Today my weekend starts anyways, so I can sleep as much as I want later :)

Go Germany!

I am really no big soccer fan, but I do love the championships and I am excited that I’ll actually be able to watch the finale LIVE on Sunday [morning]!

  1. It’s always fun watching big events like this. I’m looking forward to the Olympics. I love to watch the athletes do their thing. Runny, gymnastics, diving, etc.

  2. I have to admit that I haven’t watched the game. I was sure when I watch it they will lose.
    But: I got 45 € because I tipped right that they will win 3:2. ;-)
    Isn’t that great?

  3. wohoooo! wish we could watch the final together! *smooches*

  4. i think it’s so awesome that the atmosphere of the world cup is back. all over germany. the big places are filled with like 45000 people with every match again. and i can’t wait to see the finals in public on sunday. i am sure it will be a great time, whoever wins. and it will be interesting too because of all of my spanish friends;-)
    go germany!!!!

  5. You have to get up at 5:30 am??

    Don’t you guys have Tivo or a DVR? We don’t watch regular TV at all anymore. I can’t stand the commercials that come on every 5 minutes.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the game on Sunday!!!

  6. wish you could watch the game with us sweetie. that would be awesome!!! glad you got the crazy game from the other day. was the picture there the whole time? cause when we watched it live it wasnt. so nervewracking! big hug, love ya

  7. yes yes well….. well…. we have another 2 year break now. It is pretty amazing that they showed the games on regular channels, isn’t it?!
    I say we’ll always have the victory over Turkey. ;-)
    Hope you got to catch up on sleep!

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