The “worst”  things of living abroad are the uncontrollable cravings that I get every once in a while for food that I cannot have. Cannot have at all, because I can’t even have someone send it to me.

Today it is Langnese’s Cornetto Bottermelk Lemon.

Ah, how I long for this sweet and creamy, fruity ice cream cone. I have a special connection with Bottermelk Fresh, you know. It always brightened my days back in the days when I was still in College and occasionally got stuck at the train station on my way home. Nothing better than some yummy ice cream to ease the waiting time until the next train arrives :)

Do you ever get cravings like that?
More often than not, I have them totally out of the blue.

  1. Oh my, don’t even get me started! This morning I’m craving a fresh and crispy Mettbrötchen!

  2. Oh man I love that ice-cream!!!! The other day I was also craving Spaghetti-Eis. Would have been nice. But then again, in Germany I would crave sweettea or sushi so it’s all good.

  3. I am craving for “Milk Tart” or “Doritos Sweet Chilli Pepper” from South Africa. Yummy.
    Or the grilled Kingklip in Lemon-butter sauce,… Mhm.

  4. Since starting Weight Watchers, you bet I do. All th time. But then I try to remember that someday I will have “whatever” again.

  5. oh gosh Mettbroetchen!!! thanks antje!!! :) oh and I miss every fish sandwich at Nordsee, and Nougat, and Brausepulver, and Magnum white!!!!

  6. Mettbroetchen and Magnum white! Hmmm.. Actually I don’t like the taste of food here,…I don’t know why but even the seasonings are different it seems.

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