Quality vs. Quantity

J and I don’t eat out very often. Besides the fact that we just love home-cooked dinners, eating out is way too expensive. I am aware that eating out in the US is much, much more common than in Europe (and therefore overall also cheaper). In the US, you go out to eat for food’s sake, in Europe, you go out to eat  for special occasions or to socialize with friends.

We used to eat out maybe 1-2 times a week, but we have radically cut back on that. Not only because eating at home is cheaper and healthier, but also because we both value quality (of food) over quantity.

We hadn’t eaten out since J’s birthday, which was three weeks ago, and last night we decided to try a new restaurant that was recommended to us.
Formoli’s Bistro” is a small restaurant in East Sacramento. It has a very European feel to it, which I greatly appreciated, and the food was absolutely delicious.

My creation

For a start, we were served fresh bread with olive oil and vinegar. Then we decided on an appetizer; a huge plate of steaming clams in a white wine – cream sauce.
Holy canoli, I don’t think I’ve ever had clams that good!
As an entree, I went for the “pan seared petite filet on heirloom tomatoes and rosemary fingerling potatoes” and it was absolutely divine! I’ve rarely had such a perfectly (medium-rare) cooked filet, which simply melted in my mouth. Yum!
J tried the widely-acclaimed “pepper encrusted burger with a whiskey demi glace, habanero aioli and mixed greens on a ciabatta bun”.  I had a bite and it was also absolutely delicious!

I think this bistro could become one of our eat-out hot spots, not only, but also because of the fact that each month the Chef reinvents the menu to create fresh ideas with seasonal relevance. I can only imagine what the highlights of the December menu will look like!

The dinner wasn’t exactly cheap, but as aforementioned, quality definitely beats quantity and I’d rather spend money on a really good dinner once a month, than on eating out at mediocre restaurants every week.

  1. We have drastically cut back on eating out as well. I think the last time we went to a restaurant was about four weeks ago. We did however went and got some fast food the other day. But that was only $10, so it doesn’t count.

    I am glad you had a fun night out eating delicious food. :)
    .-= Stefanie´s last blog ..A great night with new friends. =-.

  2. “…quality definitely beats quantity and I’d rather spend money on a really good dinner once a month, than on eating out at mediocre restaurants every week.”

    Can’t agree more!

  3. I totally agree! We are absolutely choosing quality over quantity and rather buy some really nice fresh ingredients to cook something with at home than going out more often but to less good restaurants. Same goes for wine also, we have really gone up in quality and price lately. I guess that’s a definite sign for becoming grown up, isn’t it ;-)
    .-= Antje´s last blog ..VACATION DREAMS =-.

  4. we rarely ever go out for dinner. i honestly wish we’d do it more. the last time we went out for dinner was our anniversary august 4th *sigh* unfortunately C is very “american” when it comes to food. he doesn’t like to try new things or new flavors and just loves my cooking. in addition, he doesn’t like to spend money. period. so that leaves me stranded at home dinner out wise… at least i go out to eat on a somewhat regular basis with my girlfriends about once a month…
    .-= kim´s last blog ..fridays are my favorite (work-)days =-.

  5. This post reminds me of us. We don’t go out anymore because we always get sucky service PLUS it is expensive and not that good. We rather enjoy our food at home AND save money :) it’s a win-win-situation.
    .-= Tinka´s last blog .. =-.

  6. I totally agree with you! I don’t mind spending a little bit more if it means the food is of a higher quality and if I know someone spent some time thoughtfully creating it.
    .-= Terra´s last blog ..If I had a million dollars… =-.

  7. I really want to get into eating delicious, quality food. I’m SO done with the chain restaurant food.

    Now…I just need a job..haha!
    .-= Carolina´s last blog ..It’s Who’s Touch? It’s MY TOUCH!! =-.

  8. We almost never go out any more. But we did find a new spot. An old diner has been refurbished and we went and the food is fabulous! And cheap!
    .-= Maribeth´s last blog ..Sleep! =-.

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