Capricious weather

Do you remember how I was rubbing in last week that the thermometer had reached almost 90°F [=30°C] for the first time this year? Yeah, well, turns out that was just a little taste of summer.

Admittedly, it is still April and we’re back to the mid-60’s where we should be. And I actually like it that way. I took a long, hot bubble bath last weekend – which might just as well have been the last time before a most likely long and hot summer – so I’d better enjoy it when I can. Right now, it even looks like rain when I look out. I had to get out my fleece-jacket to go to work this morning.

My gym class killed me last night. Figuratively speaking, of course, since you can very well see that I am here to type this entry. It’s weird, even though I know it’s going to hurt a little a lot the next day, I do look forward to the workout every Monday… the one day that I have totally committed to workoutwise, even though I am hoping and trying to go at least two more times per week.
I really do enjoy the satisfying, nevertheless tired, feeling when the class ends, right before the best part of the 1,5-hour-workout: stretching. The music gets all quiet and everybody gets into a relaxed state of mind. I feel sweaty, exhausted, but really good. Absolutely great and rewarding feeling.

Come on, don’t tell me that doesn’t make you want to go to the gym :)

  1. Yeah – NO.

    I do like Yoga though. Wish I could have more time to go.

  2. maybe i really should sign up at a gym……….. hmmm………

  3. No, it doesn’t!!! :-)
    I was at a gym twice for 4 weeks each time because I got it for free.
    I did things like “Hot Iron” and “Body styling” – believe me, I couldn’t climb out of bed the next day!
    It was good though and it was a good feeling after the workout. But I have two dogs to walk and a horse to ride so there is definitely no time for gym.

  4. well not actually to the gym but making me wanna work out. i don’ t like gyms that much. but i am looking forward to work out again. my lung is just still killing me and so i have to patient for another week i think. but you are right, it is a really good feeling after working out and then taking a good shower:-)

  5. […] Come on, don’t tell me that doesn’t make you want to go to the gym :)

    jeah, something like that ;)

    PS: phone-date on the weekend or friday night?

  6. Yeah kinda…
    You just reminded me that I have to get back into the swing after travelling.

    Glad you enjoy the gym so much!

  7. What kind of class is it? Anything that has me in loads of pain the next day is too much ;-).
    Sorry to hear that it’s cold again but like you wrote, sometimes cold days make for nice days because you can enjoy cold weather activities like bathing and hot chocolate drinking. Stay warm sweety!

  8. hehe just came back from exhausted & im starving!!

  9. wow. we have 80 over here. :) I cannot believe its warmer here than there….oh guym dont remind me, I got huge. sniff. Miss ya, hugs

  10. hab dir auf meiner seite geantwortet! ;-)

  11. I did a lot of moving around last week and I swear it’s what aided me in my weight loss! Hubby wants to get me home soon though to help him with the air conditioners!

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