365 days ago…

I returned to Germany to wait out the Immigration process. I had taken our Immigrant application to the post office that morning and after a quick lunch, J had taken me to the airport. It feels surreal talking about this right now.

We both had no idea! that it would take 10 months for me to get the permission to enter the US again as a legal resident.

At least, I made it back here before the 1-year anniversary ;)

I remember my mixed feelings, when I left Sacramento last year. I knew that I wouldn’t return to our apartment the next time I would arrive on a plane and I knew I would not go back to my old job. I definitely felt sad and confused about how everything had turned out.

Back in Germany, I was immediately consumed by wedding preparations and my sister made sure I had no time to be sad and contemplating. One day after my arrival, I was looking at potential reception places and wedding gowns. My sister was more excited [and better organized!] than I was ;)
It was a great and exciting time. I enjoyed and appreciated the time with my family, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to see them for quite a while once I return to the US.

It’s just hard to believe that is has been a year already!

  1. wow, it IS hard to believe that it’s been a year. but despite the wait it was a good year, wasn’t it? at least for the most part. and you got to spend it at home with your family. so it was worth it and now you two can get started as a family ;) *smoochie*

  2. Times really flies, its creepy! I hope I wont have to wait that long, 10 months of waiting is just ridiculous..

  3. I think a year ago I first started reading your blog… I remember you posting pics of your wedding in the USA. :) I also can’t believe it’s been a year already. But you did it and I bet the wait was worth it… even though it was long!

    Btw, I tried your potatoe recipe. It was delicious!!!!

  4. Wow, how quick a year goes by!
    Great reflection on the past 365 days…sometimes you just need to take a breather and look back and see what you accomplished…that makes me realize – time for me to reflect!

    Oh by the way, i did send the card to the right adress, stupid USPS! I will resend it though, so you’ll have a Xmas card in Spring ;-)

  5. Unbelievable… One year. Time does fly. It’s so weird, when you’re little you always think “old” people are weird for saying that but when your “old” yourself, you realize it’s actually true!

  6. haha maren! thats funny :)

  7. Wow yeah unbelievable… one whole year! That sure was a busy year for you with planning a wedding and an emmigration! I hope 2007 will be much more tranquil for you!

  8. One year? Well, I think it was after all a great year for you. Wedding, beeing home for a (ok, a damn long) while, moving to LA, beeing with your hubby forever.. A very different and interesting year from all your past ones.

    Miss ya.

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