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On Tuesday evening I met with Claudia in Davis. I don’t know how many of you remember Claudia. She also studied at Düsseldorf University – just as I did – and spent an exchange semester in Davis – just as I did – , where she met her now-husband – just as I did. Her whole story sounded surprisingly like my own. We met up in Davis in September of 2004 for the first time and have been in touch on and off since then.

When I went to see them on Tuesday, I hadn’t seen them for approximately 2,5 years due to my extended stay in Germany in 2006 and our move to Southern California. Time flies though and so much has been going on in both our lives!

We spent about 3 hours catching up while munching on a delicious savory crêpe at Crêpeville. What a great place! They serve loose tea in a little tea pot and you get a tea glass with a little tea strainer. Too cute.

Also, if you can, would you please take a look at their menu. You won’t regret it. Might give you some great ideas for a nice dinner. I had the Basil Crêpe with cheddar cheese, onions, basil, tomato, spinach, and feta. Divine! I need to figure out the recipe so I can make it for J some time.

But I digress. Seeing Claudia and and her husband was really nice. Stoyan has recently finished his PhD and is currently looking for a Postdoc-position. They told me that they might be looking into moving to Denmark!
Wow. That would be a big move! Although, both of them don’t seem to be disinclined to the fact that they’ll be living – relatively – closer to Claudia’s family. I also don’t think that I am telling a secret, because they told me openly, if I share with you that Claudia is pregnant.

How exciting! There is so much going on in their lives and they’re moving forward to becoming a little family.

Well, you could say that we had two, quite interesting years as well – only that our lives are not going remotely in the same direction right now as Claudia’s and Stoyan’s. Time will tell, I guess.

  1. How nice that you were able to get together for such a nice visit.
    I once told Hubby that I would move to Europe in a heartbeat if he needed to for his job. Unfortunately it never happened long term, but I did live in Berlin for half a year. The year the Wall came down. So what a half year that was!
    Have a good weekend!

  2. it’s always great to get in touch with someone again after a long time like that. and even better when there’s nothing “strange” about it. a real friendship just can’t be measured by quantity but quality of time spent together ;)

    see: us :) also with the lives of friends going a totally different direction, pregnancies and all… you know i know how that is. you’re right though: time will tell which direction we will take ;)


  3. oh so nice!!!!!

  4. That Crepe sounds amazing. If you ever figure out the recipy, you need to post it for us!! :) I am glad you had so much fun!

  5. awww that is so cute!!!!!! i mean you know one day you will be pregnant and hopefully not moving to denmark though. :) you are already too far away!!! i love crepes too but they should be sweet!!!!! no offense! :) love ya girl

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