Ok, ok… don’t get too excited [especially over there in Germany], but I have to tell you that now we are actually far ahead of you weatherwise. While you were jealous of the summerlike temperatures last week, now you can be jealous of the snow. Yes, we had real snow in Los Angeles yesterday. What do you say now?
I have no idea where it came from, but according to the news it was a pretty big blow off. The Grapevine [I-5] was closed over night and in Malibu, residents claimed it was the first snow that they’ve seen in 20 years. Pretty exciting, huh? Some people were actually collecting snow in Ziploc-bags to put in the freezer and sell on Ebay! No kidding [I should check out if there is actually an offer like that on Ebay ;)].

Well, it wasn’t enough snow for skiing/snowboarding, but I’ve been trying to talk J into going skiing sometime again. As in Sacramento, we’re only a couple of hours away from a big ski resort. So, we’re bound to go sometime!

On Tuesday, I went to a photo exhibit. “World Press Photo” is the world’s largest and most prestigious annual press photography contest, and the following year the prizewinning photos are exhibited around the world.
I went to USC with J’s Mom and her friend to look at the phenomenal photography. It was so worth the trip. The photographs were amazing, and some very emotionally involving. The photos were documenting natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, the earthquakes in Kashmir and Pakistan or the Tsunami in 2004, as well as photos from the war and conflict areas around the world. There were also brilliant sport photographs and other news stories. Check out the above links for more information. It’s very interesting stuff.

I invited J’s Mom and her friend for some coffee afterwards, and as we were sitting outside in the sun, we all agreed that we have to do that soon again. There surely are a lot of cultural exhibits and museums in LA that are worth visiting.

  1. You’re kidding!!! Snow in L.A.??? That’s so cool. I wish we’d have some cooler weather. I actually got sunburned today. It was 32°C/90°F.

  2. Was hab ich Dir gesagt bzw. geantwortet…wart ab, der Schnee koennte auch noch zu Euch kommen. *hihi* Er hat es tatsaechlich getan. Das ist doch mal was. ;-) Gut Schnee. :-)

  3. “I have no idea where it came from….”

    From us. :-)

  4. You must be kidding! I’m living like 600 miles south of the polar circle and here the snow drops are coming out! Crazy! Hope you get J talked into going skiing with you!

    Thank you for your sweet card, hun! I love it and appreciate your support so much! I’m still getting a little better every day and the brain also learns to compensate for the loss!

  5. cool. i already saw the pics on flickr. pretty sweet. C was all “huh?” when i told him, too. the weather is just freaking out, i’m telling you. *smoochie* und zieh’ dich warm an ;)

  6. Crazy weather!
    That photography excibit sounds great. I love doing cultural stuff every once in a while. Enjoy the opportunities you have there! :-*

  7. Snow? Really? I am so jealous! I want it to snow so bad here!!!

  8. so did you make some money yet? amazing. crazy. we had snow here as well today, but i dont think thats that unusual. unfortunately. hope you guys have a great weekend, lots of hugs coming your way….uti

  9. You faked the pic. You must have :-)

  10. It’s amazing, isn’t it? Yes the weather is very crazy this year. Here I am in New Hampshire waiting eagerly for some nice snow. Skiing on the man made snow (which is very icy and hard), is not what I like.

  11. ok ich versuchs mal-here we go:
    wow schneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee-yes yes we are jealous!!!oh man die bilder sind echt stark! ganz schön touching =[ ich wünsch dir noch nen schönes restwochenende! besos

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