Will I be brave enough?

I have an appointment at the hair salon tonight.
I am contemplating again about changing my haircut and color.
I am afraid I will walk out with the same hairstyle that I had for years [with which I am not particularly unhappy, but it gets boring after a while].

I am usually just too chicken to try something new.

UPDATE: shorter, straighter and more color :)


  1. i’d say go for it. both. and take pictures! =)

  2. I hope you were brave enough…

  3. Any nice pics of the new style?

  4. Go for it. It’s an adventure, especially here in the US where you never know how the result will look like, but you can be sure about one thing – the hair will grow again and you can start over, if there will be any left after getting the color.

  5. i am curious if you went for it. if so i wanna see pics:-) and i am curious what kind of change you had on your mind. *noseyme*

  6. Go for it, if it gets too short, you can always just let it grow… :)
    Good luck!

  7. I LOVE IT! can’t wait to see it “live” on thursday! :)

  8. Very pretty! You got gorgeous hair!

  9. very pretty. good job!!!

  10. Looks great! That’s pretty much the same cut I got, although I didn’t ask for it. :-)

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