48 days until Christmas

As one of my dear friends pointed out to me today in an email, it’s only 48 more days until Christmas. Holy moly. That is like what? Not even 7 weeks. I should definitely start planning.

First of all, I’ll be doing the Christmas card exchange again. Last year, some of us blogging friends exchanged addresses and send cards to each other. I think it was a whole lot of fun and we should do it again. Besides the fact that it is just simply nice to receive cards in the mail for Christmas, it’s a good way to get a little more “tangible” to each other by sending a real card with your personal handwriting :)

Everyone who would like to be part of it, send me message by email [if you know my address ;)] or the contact form on this website.
I am quite the Christmas card writer and will definitely have a long list of names already, but I would gladly add a few more!

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ll be going back to Germany to see my family for Christmas! I am so excited! I have yet to book a flight *gasp* but I am pretty sure I’ll find something affordable.
I am particularly looking forward to the Christmas Market in Köln. It’s always such a special atmosphere. If anyone is in Köln around Christmas, we can all meet up and get drunk on Glühwein [= mulled wine] and Kakao Amaretto [Hot Chocolate with Amaretto] :) How does that sound? Would be worth a trip, don’t you think?!

I should also start planning on my gift list.
I am usually pretty good in planning things out [especially with the time that I usually have to allow for postal deliveries – however, since I will probably “deliver” most of my presents in person this year – maybe I should consider dressing up as Santa Claus? Oh, wouldn’t that be fun, me with a fake beard and a funny Santa Claus hat :)].
The shopping should definitely be done early, as in before-everyone-will-be-going-crazy-in-December and I already have a few ideas. That’s really good. Giving gifts is no fun if you don’t know what to get. So a little planning is always wise.

If this post caught you going “OMG, only 48 days!” than I suggest you do the same :)

  1. I will definitely be sending a card your way ;-) im jealous id love to be in germany too for christmas but i wont be dissapointed, my parents just bought tickets to come see me :-)

  2. 48 days!!! Oh my…. so much to do, so little time. I can’t believe Thanksgiving is in 2 weeks!!

  3. It hit me yesterday as well and I really need to book the ferry home soon! Can’t wait! Could you please e-mail me your new address?

  4. Wow! And I leave in 5 days for my cruise through the Panama Canal!
    Wish I were going with you to Germany. I know it will be wonderful.
    Will send my address to you.

  5. hi sweetie, funny that you mentioned that because just yesterday i was addressing all my envelopes for my christmas cards. and i need your new address. oh but dont be mad but my christmas cards are printed. :) i cant get myself to write 150 cards by hand. hehe.love ya

  6. steffi aka infineon

    November 7, 2007 at 5:08 pm

    i want a card please. do you have my address?

  7. Well I couldn’t catch up with all the news, but did you move again? Shame on me, but things are going crazy here. Would be great, if you could email me your address! ;-)

    I would be the first on my way to Cologne to get a cup of Gluehwein, but unfortunately a flight during THE holidays with four people is just not possible.

  8. I’m so much looking forward to Xmas this year, with all the stress in November! I know I’m gonna start decorating straight at first advent! Can’t wait to listen to holiday music again and the whole shebang. Oh, and Lebkuchen! Yummy, yummy gingerbread all day long! Yeah, I’m more than excited this year… :-D

    San, I think I don’t have your new address, so let me know where to send my card in December. Thanks, hun!

  9. Dear San..

    You have to mail me your new adress!! ;)


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