The Causeway Classic

Causeway Classic Statistics

We went to a College Football Game on Saturday.

The Causeway Classic is the annual Football Game between UC Davis and Sacramento State University. Big rivalry!

We’ve watched the game a couple of times before when J was still in College and when I used to work in Sacramento for the first time. It was always a lot of fun! So I got J tickets for his birthday.
The weather was beautiful – 77°F – and I was wearing shorts and a tanktop. I even had to use the program as a sun screen for a while because the sun was shining me right in the face. Are you jealous now? :) Ok, I apologize for my bluntness.

You know, I usually don’t really care about Football. I barely understand the rules, which means I am happy to know when to cheer for the right team!, and the big guys don’t do a thing for me – what intrigues me the most about Football Games are the Marching Bands :)
If it is the stunning performances or merely the fact that we don’t have anything comparable in Germany, I can’t say. I just now that I am mesmerized by them. Especially by the guys who play the sousaphones. Have you seen them perform with their instruments? Hilarious and ingenious at the same time! I have no idea how they do it :)

The game was good. In accordance with the statistics [see above], UC Davis won once again with a score of 31:26 and J was one happy camper :) We had a lovely afternoon.

Later, I went out to dinner with Kari and her friend, Carri. [Man, I had no idea that there are so many ways to spell that name!]. Girls’ night! We went to a fairly new restaurant and tried some delicious thin crust pizza. Yum! I need to say that it can very much compete with all thin crust pizzas that I ‘ve had in my life. Definitely a place to take J to sometime. And they serve beer, too :) [Not that I care, but J does!]

  1. Yay foo’ball! Glad to hear that J’s team won.
    Pizza…?! I want pizza! ;-)

  2. Hehe, I never understood the rules either ;-)
    Nevertheless I really enjoyed the atmosphere at the football games as well!

  3. So what do you think of American beer? Which is your favorite!

  4. lol. yeah pizza! wait until you try the pizza where we live. they say its the best pizza at all. and i mean we live in little italy. :) hugs and kisses

  5. There is nothing better than New York Pizza!!

    Sorry Ute…. hehe…

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