Yes, America can!!

Barack Obama is elected president of the USA as of 8 p.m. PST!!!!

Yes, we can!!!

I still think it would have been nice if I – and all the other permanent residents of the US of A would have at least been allowed to vote for someone who did not make use of his right today. After all, we live here, we pay our taxes here and are just as much effected by the outcome of this election. But in the end it didn’t come down to my not-casted vote being the one that could have decided this election. Enough people knew already what the right choice for today was.

I believe there has not been an election decided so early on the night of election day as today!


P.S. Kristine voted for me!! Thank YOU!!

  1. I am so happy tonight! Obama deserves to be our next president. You are absolutely right about people making the right decision…and we decided in record numbers. Barack Obama has my full support as an American!!

  2. San, I so agree with you. I also think that permanent residents should
    I would have been proud to vote.
    Tonight I am proud of America and the Americans, it gives me hope for the future.
    Happy greetings from Texas,

  3. I’m sorry you couldn’t vote, but yay that our candidate won! Woo hoo!

  4. YES! congratulations america for making the right choice. i am SO happy right now. and hopeful. YES!

  5. so awesome, right? gosh i was so excited!!! still am. hope that everything will start to get better!!!

  6. I completely agree with you, re: you being able to vote, too. It’s completely ridiculous that you can’t, especially when so many who can still don’t.

  7. gobama indeed! and great picture :)

  8. Thanks for the comment! I’m so happy we got to Ba-rack the vote! I got kind of teary last night when the verdict was in :)

  9. I am excited an I live on the other side of the country…. the financial markets are even back up alittle not sure if that is just a coincidence but it might mean people have “hope”….

  10. I LOVE that picture of you!

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