Happy Mother’s Day!


Does your Mom know how much you love her?

So, today is Mother’s Day! I hope you all have made sure that you tell your Mom today how important she is to you. I sent a card to my Mom a week ago and as I heard from one of her friends today, she received it early and was so moved by it that she showed it her friends when they went out for coffee yesterday.
Sometimes we don’t tell people enough how much we love them and how important they are in our lives. Living away from them has made me appreciate my family and friends even more.

Thank you all for being there for me, for being my friends despite the physical distance.

  1. i am sure your mom was really happy to receive your card. i would hope my mom knows how much i love her, because i guess i tell and show her a lot. and i had always a very special and close relationship to her. i know how much you would like to be with her today.
    hope you have a nice sunday anways.

  2. I hear ya. I sent my mommy a card too, but she hasn’t received it YET.

    I love the book you got the picture from by the way!

  3. Mmmh, I surely miss being with my Mom today, too. I sent her flowers and a card to tell her how much I love her, but would have loved to be with her!
    So sweet to hear how moved and happy your Mom was when she received your card! You’re such a darling daughter!
    “Weisst Du eigentlich, wie lieb ich Dich hab?” is such a wonderful book, love it!

  4. I sent my Mom a card, a ecard and I called her. She should know it ;-) ! Happy Mothersday!

  5. It’s easy to be your friend… you’re just so darn likable!

    For mother’s day, I sent my mom some Rubensaft from our trip to Germany. Not an expensive gift at all, but a heartfelt gift. She was SO HAPPY that she immediately opened it and stuck her finger in it.

    That put a nice big smile on my face.

  6. I got to see my mom on Mothers Day!! She was here for my graduation!!! :D How have you been?! Long time no write! Hee hee.

  7. what a cute pic! I saw a preview of a movie the other day and the character said “God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers”. It make me smile!

    Hi to J for me :-) Love ya and miss ya heaps sis!

  8. awwwww. that was really cute :-)

  9. @ all: thanks for the nice comments.

  10. You are so right. Gosh, I would be so lost without my family and friends. :)
    Have a good day!

  11. What’s your darn password? LOL I don’t remember it fromt he last time.

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