My Christmas


Everything was a little bit smaller (the tree), quieter and less extravagant this Christmas.

It all started out with a (new) thick white blanket of snow that had been spread over my hometown over night.

My Dad and I had to shovel snow on the morning of Christmas Eve.


Two days earlier, I wasn’t even sure if I’d be home with my family for Christmas Eve, but the fact that everything turned out ok, that I actually was with them, can only be described as the best Christmas present ever.

Everything was a little different this year.

My Granddad wasn’t with us for Christmas for the first time, the snow almost prevented us from bringing my great-aunt over to our house. My parents, my sister, her husband and the kids all had been sick the whole week before and it wasn’t clear if we would be able to all get together for Christmas Eve, let alone the uncertainty if I was going to make it or not.

Due to my late arrival, I didn’t get the chance to make the “menu cards” that I traditionally make for our Christmas dinner (although, I’d like to mention that I did get to decorate the tree!) and the dinner itself  was only a trimmed-down version of what my parents usually conjure for Christmas Eve.

Ok, granted, the trimmed-down version was still pretty awesome… heh.



Celery cream soup


Beef fillet in Espresso with rosemary potatoes, sauteed scallions, carrots and sugar peas


Baked apple with vanilla sauce and ice-cream

But all that didn’t really matter that much, because the most important thing was that we were all together for the holidays.

It was my parents, my sister, her husband, Greta and Tom, my great-aunt, my aunt, my cousin Basti and me (in case you were wondering, J actually got sick the week before our trip and had to cancel his flight) … and for our standards, this was considered a small group.

It was so special to witness Greta consciously experiencing Christmas for the first time and for me to experience Christmas through the eyes of a child again. Even though I doubt that Greta really understands quite yet what Christmas is all about, she was visibly awestruck and  humbled by the lit Christmas tree and the magical atmosphere that surrounds Christmas.


My sister didn’t want Greta to be overwhelmed by too many presents, so she had organized for her to receive one big present from the “Christkind“: a big wooden horse barn and several (toy) horses.

It was amazing to watch her excitement when she unwrapped her present.


Tom, who’s only 9 months old, was relatively unimpressed. He was his cute little self and just kept reaching for the lower-hanging shiny ornaments on the Christmas tree.


There was good food, good conversation, laughter and silent smiles directed at each other. I think deep down inside we all  felt how very precious this time together was, and nobody wanted to leave the family gathering prematurely so that we ended up talking until 3 a.m. in the morning.

Even though, my travel experience was frustrating (at best) and I just barely made it home in time for Christmas, it taught me a valuable lesson about what is really important and what from now on I just want to consider as “extra fluff” around the Christmas holidays.

  1. So glad you were able to be with your family on Christmas after all the trouble it took to get there!
    .-= Ashley blogged this: Why Aren’t You Running =-.

  2. sounds like the perfect christmas to me. just perfect.
    .-= kim blogged this: A is for angel =-.

  3. This is was Christmas is all about! So glad you were able to share it with your loved ones. And how much your niece and nephew have grown? Unbelievable. Tom looks like a little boy, not at all like a baby anymore! And isn’t it just the bestet to celebrate Christmas with kids? That brings out the true shine!
    .-= Antje blogged this: SIMONS FIRST CHRISTMAS =-.

  4. It looks like a perfect Christmas! I like that your sister is sensible about Greta’s presents. A friend of mine’s grandson is only 4 and got so many things that he was overwhelmed. I don’t think that is so good!
    I’m glad you made it home too. Being with your family is a special thing.

  5. Sounds like a simple, lovely & borderline perfect Christmas. So glad you made it home!
    .-= Suburban Sweetheart blogged this: Stereotypes- Sauce &amp Sassy Jewelry =-.

  6. I am so glad that you were able to be home for the holidays! I’m not a fan of all the extra fluff that goes with the season, but I am a huge fan of being with friends and family celebrating the milestones and roads that led us there.

  7. i LOVE that picture with you and your Dad!

  8. I can see why you miss them so. Really excited to become an aunt soon myself :)
    .-= Fabulous blogged this: Protected- Letter =-.

  9. The food and table settings are gorgeous, and the kids look so cute! Glad you got to spend time with your family!

  10. Looks like a very lovely Christmas!

  11. Beautiful photos, and I’m so glad you got to spend this time with them after the palaver leading up to it!
    .-= Emily Jane blogged this: A Basic Tool in the Living of a Good Life =-.

  12. Aww, love this blog post! I’m really really glad you were able to make it home in time to be with your family. The kids are so cute!

  13. I swear your family has the best Christmas dinners! :)

    I am glad you had such a great and sweet time with your loved one.
    .-= Stefanie blogged this: Half Marathon Training – Week 1 Wrap-Up =-.

  14. Indeed a great Christmas. The pictures are awesome! :)
    .-= Jen blogged this: Back in the game and on top of it =-.

  15. That’s so great that you had fun and that everyone was together. My Christmases are always just with me and my parents, and it’s nice just having some peace and quiet sometimes.
    .-= Awmber blogged this: Tattoo Inspiration =-.

  16. So! glad you made it home safely and got to spend such great quality time with your fam. That really is what holidays are all about.

    (Also: That menu looks fantastic!)
    .-= Kerri Anne blogged this: A Year Complete- 2010 Edition =-.

  17. Oh my goodness- this looks like a wonderful Christmas! I’m so glad you got through the chaos of travel and had such quality time on the other side with the ones you love <3
    .-= Kyla Roma blogged this: How I Quit My Day Job pt1 or The Best Bicycle I Ever Bought =-.

  18. Oohhhh, I LOVED this post!!!!! So fun to see all the pictures of your family and the celebrations and you, so very happy. Sounds like a truly wonderful holiday! (Minus all the travel hell leading up to it.)
    .-= Hannah blogged this: Unseen =-.

  19. Glad you finally made it!! Those kids are precious! :)
    .-= ToBeAnnounced blogged this: NYE =-.

  20. Everything looks amazing. Glad you were able to celebrate with family.

  21. San, this looks like such a perfect little Christmas! I know you had a hard time getting there, but I’m so glad you got to enjoy fresh snow, wonderful food, and your loved ones this year :)
    .-= lauryn blogged this: Chop Chop =-.

  22. Every Christmas must be slightly different. It could be the addition of a spouse or new baby, the change in weather, the different presents, the food or the loss of someone special. It’s never fun to celebrate when it feels like important people are missing, but it seems like you are still able to appreciate the beauty in your holiday.

  23. The christmas dinner looks amazing – as do you and your family!(greta is just adorable!)

  24. (Gah, I’m so behind on commenting, sorry!!)

    I looove the photos of the snow! And the mini tree is adorable, haha. I’m so glad that you were able to make it home in time for Christmas. What a bummer that you had to deal with all of those things… but at least it all worked out in the end! :)

    The scaled down version of your dinner still looks AMAZING! Mmm! And that dessert. Ah. Do you mind if I come next year? ;) Haha!

    Lovely photos!
    .-= Holly blogged this: Coming up this week! =-.

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