Ventura visit

Hi there… since I haven’t really posted any photos yet from my family’s visit, I want you to see at least one picture of my family and me that was taken when they were here :)

Family photo

We really had a fantastic time!

Today is the first of December which means that it’ll be Christmas in about 3 weeks! Can you believe it?
Last weekend we went down to Ventura for Thanksgiving and we had a great Turkey dinner at J’s parents’ house. His mom is a fantastic cook!
We watched “Supersize me” after that and I felt kind of good about having a real meal and not fast food for dinner :) Have any of you seen this movie? It really turns you off to junk food – oh my god. I can’t believe that some people actually eat McDonald’s, Burger King, Jack in the box, Carl’s Jr….etc. every other day! I am not big into fast food anyways – just once in a while I get a craving for a burger or fries. But hey, then you can still go and have a “real” burger at a restaurant – they usually look and taste much better and hopefully are not as crappy as fast food burgers. Am I betraying myself now??

Anyways, one more thing I have to tell you about my last weekend… we went to the beach on Friday, because the weather was beautiful and Southern Cali never gets terribly cold. And guess what… we saw dolphins!! Two groups of about 4-5 dolphins and they were pretty close to the shore! I was so amazed, because I’d never seen dolphins before!!!

Back here in Sac it’s 10°C which is kind of cold and it’s starting to feel more and more christmasy… I am drinking tonz of tea right now (which I always do in the winter!!) and we’ve been lighting candles every night, which makes our place so much more cozy. I love that time of the year.

By the way, who wants Christmas cards???

  1. Ah I can’T see the piccie :(
    The first (and only so far) wild dolphins I’ve ever seen were in Charleston. Absolutely awesome, isn’t it?! So cool! Glad you saw some, too!
    Hast du denn auch einen Adventskalendar? *g*

  2. you all look really happy to be together on the pic ;o) i’m so gald you got to have them..
    also – i do, i do (want a christmas card). i’ll send you C’s adress as i WILL BE THERE SOON!!!

  3. Oh…da kommt der Neid in mir auf! ;-) Delphine….ich bin begeistert. Haett ich auch liebend gern gesehen!WOW!!!!! Ich liebe Delphine *schwaerm*Deine Schwester sieht dir jetzt nicht wirklich…also nee…nich wirklich sehr aehnlich.Aber ich glaub, ihr seid auch nich eineiig, oder?!Ihr habt euch aber beide fuer eurer Alter sehr gut gehalten *grins*.Deine Familie sieht sehr, sehr nett aus….muss man ja sagen.Eine ganz lieben Gruss und *knuddel*Tanja

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