Great news!

My parents called me yesterday to tell me that I will be going to see them soon. They’ve booked flights and will come and visit us in June. I am so thrilled!

Of course, when I realized that it was April 1st, my first question was: This is not – a very bad – April Fools’ joke, or is it?? I declared furiously that this is something you shouldn’t joke about. I think they didn’t even realize in their excitement that telling me the news on April Fools’ Day wasn’t the wisest decision ;) Of course, it was NOT a joke. They’ll be arriving at LAX on June 21… this is in 81 days! OMG! I couldn’t be any happier! It’ll be so great to have them here with us and my cousin, oh my gosh, I can’t even imagine how excited he must be. He just turned 16 and it’ll be his first flight and his first visit to the US. He must be going nuts ;)

The weekend was kind of quiet. I did some grocery shopping on Saturday and went for a walk. Yesterday we met Andreas again for a couple of hours, because he was going to fly home to Switzerland today.
We picked him up at his hotel close to the airport and went to the beach in Santa Monica. He invited us for dinner on the Pier and we went to a relatively newly-opened “Bubba Gump’s” :) I was so excited that we have it here in Santa Monica now. We took my parents to the “Bubba Gump” in Monterey in 2004 and they loved it… so there is one place I am definitely going to take them this summer!

Today has been just “going by”… I am not in the greatest mood today despite the great news… thanks to PMS [without the P].

  1. Hi San,

    that’s great news!!!!! I’m so happy for you! It’s gonna be so much fun having your family over. They haven’t seen your place yet, right? And I’m sure your cousin is thrilled.

  2. Oh San,how awesome! You must be soo happy!

  3. Man, this is great news!!! I’m so happy for you!
    When we were in Monterey 2 years ago, we thought about going to Bubba Gump’s, but didn’t :-( I see we’ve missed something.

  4. sweety, i am SO HAPPY for you! :) and now change the countdown already! :D big *smooch*

  5. Yayyyyyyyyy! How cool that they’re bringing your cousin with them, too! Awesome!!!
    Hope you P is gone soon and you can feel better again!

  6. Oh, that is great news that your parents will be coming to visit you! :D

  7. Oh that’s so great news. I’m so happy for you sweetie!

    Btw i love Bubba Gump too. Went to the restaurant in NY a couple of years ago :oD

  8. BTW, while I was checking out, if they have Bubba Gumps here or in the UK, I came accross their free smoothie promotion:

  9. Hey darling, just looked at your flickr and saw the comment on health insurance. What’s the deal, you can’t get on J’s? That’s so odd! Usually you can add the family member when you get married….

  10. Awesome news!!!! Now you can start a new countdown!!!!

  11. That is awesome news! You must be really excited! Time for a new COUNT!

  12. yeah!!! thats so cool!!! i am excited for you! i am excited for myself though because i will see you in may! we will book our hotel this week, so i will let you know asap where we will be staying ok? big hug!!!

  13. hey sounds soo cool =] die 80tage gehen bestimmt noch schneller rum als du denkst! yihhhahh!! =)

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