Oh no!

The last few days were kind of busy. I can’t even recall what we did, but we were doing stuff pretty much every day. I remember that it involved last minute Christmas shopping ;)
On Sunday we had Aaron and Maria over for dinner. It was going to be the last time before Christmas that we would see them [beside the fact, that we’re going to take them to the airport tomorrow night.] They’re going to visit Maria’s family back East over the holidays.

I know I promised you pictures of the apartment and I’ll definitely take them tomorrow. It’s dark already and they’ll come out much better in daylight, I believe.

Yesterday was “moving day”. Well, we didn’t move, we just moved stuff around… and picked up our new bed. We picked up a U-Haul Truck at 9 a.m., loaded our old bed and a couch onto the truck and drove to Ventura. We exchanged our old full size bed with a single bed in J’s old room at his parents house and then picked up a queen size bed inclusive bed frame from the storage locker :)

We had Chinese food with J’s Mom for lunch and then headed back to LA, just in time to miss rush hour. The rest of the night was all about setting up the bed and moving boxes around.

This morning, I went to Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some sheets and pillows for the new bed. We had a gift card from our wedding and could finally put it to good use! Now our bedroom really looks cozy :)

I talked to my sister later and she confirmed what I already had worried about. I think I caught a cystitis. I wasn’t sure, because I never had one before, but my sister said that the symptoms were pretty clear. So, I’ve been drinking one pot of tea after the other, hoping that the bacteria won’t take up residence in my bladder ;)

  1. Isn’t it great to see your home become a little more cozy and a little more complete each day? I just love that. Hope your cytitis doesn’t break through, so stay warm and keep on drinking! *Feel better*

  2. oh no, hun. i’m sorry to hear about the cytitis. that sucks. sending get-well-vibes your way!! but that won’t keep you from taking pictures of the apartment, will it? :D also, i got a little “something” in the mail yesterday and OMG, THANKYOUSOMUCH! you totally made my day and i already know how to use it. C just told me i had to wait until after christmas but then i will!

    big, huge *smooch* and i miss you tons, girl!

  3. Oh yay a new bed! I hope it’s comfy!
    Like I already said on your flickr piccie, you have to get that bladder infection checked out and get some antibiotics. They don’t just go away like that (unless you catch it super super super early). Get some cranberry juice, that is also helping to flush out the bacteria! That AZO stuff etc that you get over the counter only numbs your bladder so it doesn’t hurt when you pee but it doesn’t do anything against the infection. I did that once and all I got was an ovary inflammation which was super painful and not fun. So go to the doc!
    Hope you’ll feel better soon! sorry for the lecture! ;-) :-*

  4. The bed sounds like heaven!
    Drink cranberry juice by the gallons. It’s prooven to get rid of cystitis! I swear by it!

  5. Looking forward to seeing the pics. Sorry about the cystitis… how unfortunate. Drink drink drink!! Get healthy!

  6. i get bladder infections every year, they do go away without antibiotics. just drink as much as possible. if you drink like 3 or 4 liters in a row (yeah i kow thats disgusting) the bacteria will be gone. its really just a matter of how much you drink. get well soon.

  7. oh i’ll keep that in mind but 3 or 4 liters in a row does sound like a health hazard. ;-)

  8. Oh I love Bed, Bath and Beyond! :) So comfy. Seeing pictures of your apartment will be awesome. I saw this book once of New York apartments. A photographer just went around and asked people if he could photograph their spaces. I forget the name of the book but it was just awesome to see how eclectic and how many different ways people can live…

  9. cranberry juice!!! feel better soon sweetie, that sucks!!! i cant wait to see the pictures of your apartment, oh by the way how far is burbank california from you guys?? big hug

  10. Poor thing! All I can say is cranberry juice…and add that the nickname for this is honeymoon disease LOL

  11. You can flush it out. Just drink drink drink drink drink…..

  12. :D @ janet’s comment. that’s true. i heard that before as well… :P

  13. Get well soon honey!! Big hugs

  14. oh, i am sorry to hear about your cytitis. that sucks big time and is hurtful. but drinking much is the best way i guess. a friend of mine has that often. i had it as a lil kid a lot of times.
    glad you are all set with your bedroom now. can’t wait to see it.

  15. I hope you feel better soon. I agree with everyone. Cranberry Juice is supposed to help.

    I can’t wait to see pictures!

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