This is why I hate being so far away from home

My Dad had a bicycle accident on Monday. Nobody called me and I basically found out because I just happened to call my parents’ house Tuesday night (their time).
Ok, in their defense I have to say that my Mom was going to call me that night and I just happened to call before she got a chance to call me.
I still don’t understand why she didn’t call me Monday night after they got back from the emergency room. After all, it was still midday for me here.

Anyway. No worries. My Dad is ok - sort of.
What happened is this: My Dad plays tennis every Monday night and this time he had taken his bike to get to the tennis courts. At 9 p.m., after his training, he rode his bike home in the dark. That was when he completely overlooked a cobblestone on the street and hit it with his front tire, which sent him flying head first over the handlebars and his face hitting the asphalt.


He then managed to get up and walk his -totally trashed- bike home while blood was running from his nose.
He sat at home for about an hour (with ice-packs on his face) until my Mom came home from a school meeting and took him to the emergency room. I have no idea why he didn’t call my sister or anyone, but I guess, he was in shock.
At the emergency room, they did an x-ray and diagnosed him with a broken nose and a couple of open wounds that had to be stitched up. His face is pretty bruised and swollen, but besides that he seems to be ok.
He was quite lucky that he didn’t fall on his head and end up with a concussion or something worse.
I can’t even think about what would have happened if he hadn’t been able to get himself up. Who would have found him, if anyone?

My sister didn’t learn about our Dad’s accident until Tuesday night either and she was quite upset as well – even though my Mom had tried to call her during the day and she just hadn’t been home. In any case, it drives me nuts that I am so far away and can’t go and see him. Even though my sister told me that she went to see him today and that he’s doing ok, considering his injuries, I need to see him myself.

Thank God, I am flying home in 8 days!

P.S. Happy Birthday again, Sanni! I know you read this :)

  1. oy that’s never good. glad your dad is okay though.

  2. Oh that is so hard. My daughter went into the hospital today and I am driving to be with her tomorrow. I’m a wreck!

  3. Oh San, I can totally understand you!!! That’s just one of the many things that make it hard living so far away from family and friends… Hope your dad is getting better soon. Good for you that you are going home next week.

  4. I´m so sorry for your dad and glad at the same time that nothing even worse happened to him! Don´t want to think about what might have happenend…
    Of course you´d like to be nearer to your family in such cases…and soon you´ll be!

    P.S. I do – thanks, Sannie!!!

  5. I am sorry for your Dad! Ouch, it must have been a bad fall. I am glad that he is doing ok.
    I must be hard to be so far away when something like this happens.
    But only 8 days to go – wait, only 7 days and the rest of the night!

    Regarding our Trip next year: I know that it is a lot to see/ drive. Martin did a similar tour 1998 with friends and he said it was tough, but ok.
    But that’s why I asked for advice what we should definitely see and what we should maybe skip and do it another time. It’s hard to decide. For sure I want to see Yosemite, SF and Highway No 1 down to LA! That’s a must for the trip.

  6. oh no, i hope he’ll feel better soon! i have to say in cases like this, a helmet would have been a good idea. but who am i to talk? i don’t wear one either…

    i’m glad nothing serious happened. it is hard to be away from a loved one especially in times like this! i’m sorry, sweety *hugs* but you will see him/them (and ME!) soon, so that helps a bit, right? :)

  7. Oh my, I understand exactely how tough this is for you! To be away from your family and friends sucks.I worry a lot myself, too. I hope your dad will recover swiftly and be all well when you are going to see him next week! Smoochies!

  8. Glad your day is ok. Mensch, nächste Woche bist du schon zu Hause! Ich bin neidisch… ;)

  9. oh san im so sorry for your dad!zum glück konnte er noch selbstständig nach hause fahren und deine mama kam zum glück relativ bald!! hoffe dass er sich gut erholt und yeah für dich dass du ihn und alle anderen endlich bald sehen kannst!!

  10. Wir müssen dringend einen Quatschtermin ausmachen, wenn du wieder kommst!

  11. i am sorry to read about your dad! sniff. i hope he is ok. just imagine if he would have driven his bike in the states, no dont imagine! luckely you will see all of them soon!!!! big hug

  12. Ah noooo I hope your Dad isn’t hurting too much right now :(. Poor thing!

  13. I am sorry what happened to your Dad. I hope he is feeling better. Luckily you will see him soon!!!

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