Getting around

How do you get adjusted to a new place? Do you just start walking and explore the area? Do you ask others how to get from A to B?

I like to look at maps, excuse me, study! maps when I get to a new place. I usually orientate myself by looking at direction and names of the main streets. Then I like to make little notes of places of interest and look at directions on how to get there. This is how I build a mental image of any new place. It works pretty well for me.

I’ve been here for four days now and I think I have a pretty good general idea of the area that I call my new home. I went to two stores and found the way by just memorizing the directions that I had. I am pretty sure I could go there again tomorrow and find the way without a problem. That feels pretty good.

  1. Must be great fun exploring your new neighborhood! Hope you had a nice first weekend in Cali! I like to study maps as well, must be our geographer background ;-) Thanks to google maps, I just had a look at yours, too! That UCLA Campus is humongous!
    I also try to make mental maps and drive according to them (cause the signs here suck anyway).

  2. hey i am sure you will make your way. and i had to laugh by reading when you wrote “study maps”. that’s so you;-) but well, l.a. is a huge place. i guess you are lost without one.
    i hope you will feel home really soon, sweetie.

  3. Maps for me, too.

    What an adventure! Have fun!

  4. On my first day in a new place I usually just wander around aimlessly, to get a feeling for the new place. The next days I study a map before I leave to figure out how to get to a place, and try to memorize the street names in order not to look all touristy.
    This is when I am traveling. When I move somewhere, I follow the day one rules for a few more days since I am in no hurry.
    And sometimes I will look at a map to see if there is anything that sounds interesting and then I go there.
    I do always keep a map with me though in case I get lost.

  5. I do the same. When I first came here, I had a map and that really helped me to find my way around here. A friend of mine couldn’t get from A to B without getting lost. Then she bought a GPS and now after being here for 3 months she still gets lost all the time, because she always relies on her GPS.

    I love reading maps… I’m a nerd.

  6. That was one of my biggest challenges when I lived in Japan. I’m NOT good with maps or directions…one day I got lost for 3 hours LOL!

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