Family Christmas

The last week, and especially Christmas, was just wonderful  and so busy, hence the lack of posts.
The greatest gift was to spend the holidays with my family. Christmas Eve is always very special. In the morning, I set up my Mom’s beautiful new Nativity Set.

My Mom's new Nativity Set

Then, my sister (and Greta!) came over and we decorated the Christmas tree together (doesn’t this photo look very much like last year’s?? You know, we like to keep our traditions :))

Our Christmas tree

We set the dinner table and at 6:30 p.m. our guests came over. We were 10 (= 1/2) people – my parents, my sister, her husband and Greta, my Granddad, my Great-aunt, my aunt and my cousin Basti, J and I.

Christmas dinner

The menu

The 6-course dinner that my Mom and Dad prepared was delicious again.  Contrary to all the other traditions that we keep in our family, we don’t have a traditional Christmas dinner. My parents come up with a new dinner every year and it’s always very good! :)

We exchanged presents after the main course, had dessert afterwards and I think we went to bed around 2 a.m. – If I’d had my way, the night wouldn’t have ended at all :)

Santa was really good to me again this year. I received a beautiful calendar with pictures of Greta (from Nina and Dirk), a beautiful caroler figurine (from my parents), a gift certificate for ESPRIT (from Sanni! :)),  and a Forever Friends Calender (from Cathy!) and some money from my parents, my Granddad and my Great-aunt. I hate to “ask for” money for Christmas, but since luggage space is limited, it’s always easier to buy something in the US when I return. I can’t deny that I am looking forward to a little shopping spree :)

In Germany, we have two days off for Christmas (the 25th and 26th!) and even though Christmas Eve is the most celebrated Christmas holiday, we usually see other family members on Christmas Day I and II.
We saw my godmother on Thursday afternoon and my Dad’s brother and his wife came over to Nina’s place on Friday. It was nice to see all of them this holiday season…. and that I got to spend much more time with Greta, of course :)

I hope your Christmas was as wonderful and blessed as mine.

Check out more photos on my flickr photostream.

  1. Mmmh, the dinner sounds delicious! I am happy for you that you could spent christmas with your family in Germany.
    Have a safe trip back to the US.

  2. Gorgeous photos San! And I’m in love with that nativity.

  3. It looks marvelous, San. I am so pleased that you have been able to go home and see all of your family, but especially Nina and Greta! What a special Christmas for all.
    Happy New Year, dear friend!

  4. Gorgeous Table, Gorgeous Christmas! There is nothing better than being with family and being “home” Happy New Year!!

  5. Great that you are having such a perfect time.
    Beautiful pictures!!

    Happy New Year to you, J and your whole Family!

  6. You know, I always see pictures like your holiday dinner table and think “Wouldn’t that be nice”. Then I think, “Real people don’t do that though”. BUT YOU DID! It’s gorgeous!

    Looks like a wonderful few days…

    Happy New Year!! :)

  7. I am glad you are having a great time. We are too, but we have a lot of running around to do. So much to decorate and everything with the wedding. I did notice that Germans are serious about table settings. Ute’s mom puts a new table cloth on before every meal or coffee time. It is strange to think that we have had our same on on for about a year…YES we wash it! haha. Well, tomorrow is the big day and we are excited that you will join us! =) Enjoy!!

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