Where’s the sunshine?

I don’t really want to talk about the weather, because we all know what it’s like in Germany right now and I don’t feel any different about it than anybody else. I honestly enjoyed some rain when I first got here, but three weeks is definitely too much!The weekend was more or less “lazy”. I thought that my friend Anke was going to visit me last weekend, but obviously it was a misunderstanding. She sent me an email last week saying that she would call me next week!
So I had a “free” weekend unexpectedly. Not that I mind!
I visited my Granddad on Saturday and afterwards stopped by at my sister’s place. In the evening I went to see Ira. We looked at some photos of her sister’s wedding and I showed her some of my latest pictures… and then we talked until 1:30 a.m. We had a great time together!

Sunday was quite a lazy day as well. I went over to my sister’s place for some coffee in the afternoon and helped her fix her computer. You gotta know, that she doesn’t know anything about computers and was quite surprised when I suggested that she should defragment her computer from time to time :) She made herself a little list of “how to’s”, so that she will be able to do that herself when I am not there.
In the evening I had dinner with my parents and then tried to continue cleaning out my room. It’s amazing how much stuff you collect over the years!

Today I wanted to go shirt-shopping, but I didn’t find anything (Grevenbroich isn’t the best place to shop anyways! :(), so I hope I’ll go shopping somewhere else again. My sister says Venlo (NL) is the place to go! After I cleaned out my closet, I felt like I don’t have anything to wear at all!
In the afternoon, Ilka came to visit :) We had some coffee and cookies and talked and talked. It was great to have her all to myself for a couple of hours. Thanks for stopping by, hon!

  1. you gotta come back to do some shopping girl!??:laugh: and i am promising we will get together soon!!! i am really planning on it, so you better get scared!!??:lol: sorry about the stupid weather over there. that really sucks.. love ya??:heartbeat:

  2. Great that you had such a relaxing weekend, so you´re on top know for the week ahead. Anything planned so far???:heartbeat: and

  3. that’s too bad about the misunderstanding with your friend. especially if it means i won’t see you again before you leave :cry: – but i know it’s difficult to squeeze everyone in the few weeks you got. i’m just gonna have to come to CA some time!now, if you want, i can (help) change your layout as well. the only thing really different to premium is that you can’t upload pictures and have that xanga-ad up top (and a couple other gimmicks that have nothing to do with the looks though). i could just host the pic(s) for you we’d need for your look (although – where’s the background you have now located??). so if you want, we can talk about it and i’d be happy to help you :yes: . my xanga-home is non-premium and i personalized it as well… :wink: :heartbeat: ya, maus!

  4. hey my??:sunny: i am so sorry i wasn’t writing an email yesterday but i forgot my laptop downstairs in my mom’s appartment yesterday and i wasn’t in the mood to talk any word when i got home?:( so yes, it was an ok ride, had a phone call with graziella so i wasn’t all by myself and my weirdo brain. that was good. so i fell right into bed with a good headake and that’s always the best…sleep and don’t think. you thank me for stopping by? i have to thank you that i was able to stop at yours. i really enjoyed it, too having you for myself for a couple of hours and sitting your lovely room that i haven’t sat in forever. funny.?:lol: specially seeing all those old pics.?:p will do some ikea shopping with maite tonight…i gotta do something…really…love ya so much hon and being very grateful that you are my friend.?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:?:heartbeat:

  5. Why don’t you wait with shopping until you are back in the US?!?!?!? ;-)I always have to write my parents little how-tos, too. Cute, eh?Big hug!Sanna

  6. nice layout hun! I like it??:goodjob:
    Can you call me this week? –
    ?:heartbeat: Susi??:heartbeat:

  7. SENSATIONELLES neues layout!!! Ist das eine Koproduktion zwischen Kim und dir? Genial!??:heartbeat:
    Machst du mir auch sowas? Mit der Essener City???:lol:
    ?:love: you

  8. hey ich sehe kimmy hat sich ausgelassen…wat is dat doch praktisch so ne medientante in seinem freundeskreis zu haben?:wink:?:p sehr nett, gefällt mir sehr gut….?:yes: love ya

  9. nein… tut mir leid mädels… kim war der anstoß, aber DAS (siehe oben) habe ich ganz alleine hingekriegt… ist auch noch in arbeit?:wink:?:lol: aber @kim: dir gehört alle ehre, weil ich das niemals probiert hätte, wenn du mir nicht gesagt hättest, dass das nichts mit dem premium account zu tun hatte ;-) HEL.

  10. HA, ich war’s nicht :-D ist echt super, maus. :goodjob: total schön. vielleicht noch den background der seitenmenüs auf “transparent” stellen? dann ist auch das bild nicht mehr überdeckt… ;-) HDGDL und dicker

  11. @ kim: danke maus fuer den tipp! btw, ich hoste meine pics ueber arcor! :heartbeat: dich!

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