It’s all going to work out

it just has to!
After a really terrible night of not being able to sleep, because of the heat (it was 83°F = 28°C in our apartment), my worries and some unpleasant menstrual side effects, the world looks a little better today.
I was thinking the whole visa crap through again and -even if it means a lot more bureaucracy I’ll have to deal with- I am pretty sure I’ll get the visa.
My sponsor is pretty much rock solid – it all depends on when they can apply for my new visa.
I now have to figure out with my boss, if we want to get an advisory opinion from the State Department about this two-year home requirement rule (2YHRR) or if we should just go with what my visa says. In the case that I would be subject to the 2YHRR, my boss would have to apply for a waiver. Of course, that would all take some time (more paperwork *yay* :() but it would probably go through.
I just hope we would have known all this bullshit beforehand and could have dealt with it earlier. It’s not like we didn’t start talking about all the visa stuff weeks ago, but as always bureaucracy slows everything down.

On a positive note, the third season of “Summerland” started yesterday (and it’s only 5 new episodes  :( how short have seasons become lately??) and I was able to tape it on my notebook :) now I have to figure out how to burn it on DVD! This is just way cool! :)

Oh and we made my yummy, yummy potato dish for dinner – sooo good :) People, eat more potatoes!
And then I heard on the News last night that Katie Holmes is converting to Scientology – that’s kind of spooky, don’t you think? (Wow, I just realized it’s pathetic what makes Headline News on American television).

P.S. Happy Birthday, Sanna. Love ya.

  1. Danke Sweetiepie!!!!! Knutscha! :-*

  2. Yes, THIS is my fighting San! You´ll go through this whole crap if you need to. At least you know what you are doing it for! Chin up, girl!
    {v} ya

  3. ?:heartbeat:??:heartbeat:???:heartbeat: Ya know they really need to come up with an emoticon for a hug lol so instead? will use??:sunny:?:sunny:?:sunny: cause I just know everything will work out but I am sorry for all the crap you are going through!!!!
    ?:fun:?:fun:a about Summerland :-)
    Eat more potatos?? Does that include hot chips? because they are my weakness and I will take your advice lol even though its bad for my diet lol
    Love ya hun and I am sending positive vibes your way
    Miss you soooo much

  4. Ahh it must be so frustrating! But it’ll all work out, all your hard work will pay off! Just don’t give up!

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