The crap is gone…

I spilled my coffee this morning – one last sign of tension for this week, but I sent my tax return off! It’s gone!
After being on the phone with my temp agency on and off for the last couple of days not getting anywhere close to an answer, I decided to call the corporate office myself yesterday and talked to a lady about my visa status.
She appeared a little impatient and was kind of short on the phone and basically told me that she can’t give me any tax advice and that they’re not allowed to give me any tax advice.

Hello? You’re my employer! And unfortunately you DID give me advice back in November when I signed up and now it’s my fault? :(

She told me that I am only exempt from FICA (Social Security and Medicare Taxes), but that I put EXEMPT on my W-4 and therefore it’s my problem. Well, I put exempt on that form because they told me so, but now it’s like “We aren’t allowed to give you tax advice anyways”. I can’t believe what a joke this all is!
She basically also told me it’s my responsibility alone to tell them how to tax me (when the IRS website says that it’s the employee’s, AS WELL AS the employer’s responsibility. They also just don’t care about regulations they have to obey when employing a foreign resident – but they just don’t care about it. It all drives me mad.

Their advice was to contact a professional tax adviser – for what???? Do you think I am going to waste $180+ to pay someone who won’t know more about the status of foreigners than they do? No way! I am more confident with my own research on the IRS website, because then I can at least reconstruct my reasoning for filling out the tax return the way I did if they have any questions.
Otherwise I expect a nice refund in the next few weeks :)

So, I am done with that now and I won’t bother you with this anymore (I guess). LOL. I just needed to vent somewhere and it’s like you’re always here to listen� so thanks!

Apart from that, everything is going fine. I’ve been quite busy at work today catching up on some stuff (Gerald will be gone for another meeting next week, so I need to get some things wrapped up). I am looking forward to a nice and relaxing weekend and then next week we’re off to Boston :) in fact, we’ll be in Boston already that time of Thursday next week! I can’t wait.

  1. Hey Sweetpea, do you have any official form that says that we are exempt from FICA? Cause I’d like to be exempt from that, too!!

  2. always here for venting-purposes, ya know. now like you don’t have to “listen” to that all the time from me as well. for a long time now. can’t begin to tell you how thankful i am for that. but you know it, right? did i mention how i ABSOLUTELY CAN NOT WAIT to see you in the summer? ’cause, well, I CAN’T WAIT! :-D {v}

  3. unbelieveable, you will be in beantown next week. how cool is that? would love to join you and meet annie and amy. that would be cool. have you been able to get in touch with annie finally?big smacks.

  4. @kim…. CAN’T WAIT EITHER!
    @ilka… yes, talked to annie last weekend. we’re going to meet up!

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