Stressful times

no, I am not complaining, just apologizing for not updating you earlier on what’s been going on.
Saturday was quite relaxed. I enjoyed the notebook, transferred some files and explored more possibilities with it. I love it :)

I only had it for a day and didn’t want to miss it anymore.

We watched “Finding Neverland” on it later and it was a pretty nice screen quality and we had attached Jon’s speakers to it, which gave us a nice surround sound :) I also loved the movie, I have to say. Have you seen it? I highly recommend it. I thought it was astounding that it was Johnny Depp’s latest movie and he looked so amazingly young in it. I loved the plot. Very inspirational.

Later that night Jon went to the airport to pick up Aaron and Maria, who happened to arrive a day earlier than we thought. We stayed up until 2:00 a.m. and talked for a while.

Sunday morning I chatted with Sebi (Sanni was out on the balcony cleaning out the rabbit cages) and Ilka for a while and then we had a nice breakfast. In the afternoon we went for a drive to show Aaron and Maria around in Sacramento. We ended up in Downtown where the “Jazz Jubilee” was taking place – a huge Jazz Festival spread out through the city. We parked the car and took a walk around and also went over to Oldtown Sacramento.
On Saturdays, there are tons of people in Oldtown and because of the Jazz Festival there were bands playing on every corner. It was fun :)

On our way back, we stopped at the store, got some groceries and later on had a nice BBQ. I love BBQ in the summer. It smells really good and the grilled meat and vegetables are delicious. I wanted to go for a swim, too, but there were too many kids in the pool on Sunday.

Monday we just relaxed at home. We slept in real long, I chatted with Sanni and Ilka for a while and then hung out in the main room with everybody else, while we were all doing our “own thing”. I wrote a letter and some emails, Jon was listening to music and Aaron and Maria read.

I do have to say, I am soooo attached to my new “baby” that I can hardly give it away to anyone else *lol* It’s so convenient to sit wherever and do your correspondence and wireless Internet is the best invention ever :)

Yesterday I was quite busy at work, we had a meeting at 10 a.m. that lasted until the afternoon and then I had to try and catch up on some of my work. I stayed until 6 p.m. and when I came home I had to work on my resumé that Gerald needed by this morning.
Not having much experience in writing resumes, especially not with the American layout, it took me the whole night to write it and Jon went over it with me when I was finished to see if I made any major mistakes, but he was quite satisfied with my writing :)
We worked on the layout a little more and finally sent it off at 1:00 am, so Gerald would have it early the next morning.
Needless to say that I was tired this morning *yawn* but at least Gerald could tell me that he sent off my information to this potential sponsor this morning. Keep your fingers crossed, girls!

  1. How did you like the movie? I was crying so much in the end??:( Reminded me of my aunt and my little cousins *sniffs*
    Glad to hear that your visa is progressing!!!!??:goodjob:

  2. @Sanna: Yeah, I was crying too at the end… it was so touching?:cry: but beautiful!

  3. loved that movie as well!!!??:heartbeat: sniff. just wanted you to know that my fingers are crossed!! i will see you in california!!!!??:goodjob:?:) love ya?? p.s. stehe hier grade im hotel und wunder mich wo plötzlich die musik herkommt, lach, und rate mal? genau, von deiner seite. hehe. wie lustisch!!!

  4. whats the german name for the movie?? original name doesn’t say anything to me.??:shysmile: hope how was it going with your visitors??:wink: that was a long night of working for gerald, eeewwww!! but i proud of you, that you managed it.?:goodjob: gurl!!! have an awesome day,?:heartbeat:ya so much,hon

  5. @ Ilka: The german title is “Wenn Träume fliegen lernen” (who the hell came up with that???). I don’t know if it was released over there already or not, but it’s a beautiful movie!

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