So funny!

Hi there… how was your weekend?
Mine was pretty nice… spring is finally here and I enjoyed my first day of wearing a skirt and flip flops :) Are you jealous now?
I also felt like doing some shopping for the warmer times to come and I got a really cute reversible dress and a nice top yesterday!

We had a fun time with Claudia and Stoyan on Saturday. First we went to Old Town Sacramento and walked around a bit. God, it’s amazing how many people are out in town on a Saturday afternoon, whereas everything is dead empty during the week. It feels like this is the only place for people to go to on the weekends. We got some very good chocolate at the Chocolate Factory and had planned on going out to dinner at Olive Garden later. Unfortunately we totally forgot -as mentioned earlier- that Saturday night is THE night for Americans to go out… so when we got there at around 7 pm, the place was packed and there was a 1,5 hours wait on a table! OMG! I couldn’t believe it… we decided to check out some other places -which were very crowded, too OF COURSE – and finally excepted a 45 minutes wait at Mimi’s Cafe. We had a really great dinner and after that watched “George W. Bushisms” on DVD. Hilarious :) it’s amazing what’s coming out of this guy’s mouth sometimes!!!

Work was ok today… we had a meeting from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm, which was kinda long, but I learned some stuff about the software that I am using right now so that was quite helpful :)

  1. hey cutie,
    how are ya today? how could i join the chatbox?

  2. We’ve had quite a few days here that were really warm. Probably since the end of January or so, but then there are also days that are really really cold. Like one day it’ll be 75 degrees, and the next 40. Meh. But the past couple of days I’ve been wearing flip flops.

  3. What a pretty dress! HOpe you’re doing ok there!! *hugs*

  4. I also love the dress Sis – looks great :-) Can we add the “Chocolate Factory” to my “Must Do” list while over there in Sept? lol

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