I am charged with neglect of my friends

Boy, I am busy these days – I hardly get to update my blog, let alone keep in touch with people. Days have been crazy since the last weekend. Saturday, I went shopping with my Mom again, she needed me to help her to pick out an outfit for Nina’s wedding and we ran some more errands downtown.

Sunday morning, I was invited or breakfast at my uncle’s place. My cousin Nicki was there, too and it was great to see her again. She had asked me to accompany her to go to a flea market in the afternoon, but unfortunately I already had two more appointments for that day.

Around 2 p.m. my sister and I went to see my Granddad for some coffee. My sister and I had promised to go and see him all of last week, but were so busy that we had to postpone it till Sunday. He was really happy that we came and had prepared coffee and cake for us.

Later in the afternoon we had a meeting with a musical group that I am considering for our church ceremony. One of the ladies invited me, my sister and my parents to their home and they actually performed 5 (!) songs for us to get an impression of what their repertoire is. I was totally stunned, because it was amazing! We were all equally impressed with the cordiality of these people – we spent 1,5 hours with them and they were so open and friendly. It felt like we had known them before already :)

Monday morning we had an appointment with the lady at the restaurant where we will have our reception and dinner. We had to talk over the whole arrangements, reception, buffet etc. God, I didn’t know it’s so complicated to pick out a buffet for such a huge group of people, afterwards my Mom, my sister and I went shopping, tried on a whole bunch of dresses and skirts, just to go home with nothing again :( Oh well. I am still waiting for that day when I see MY dress and know it.

Yesterday, I went to Mönchengladbach with my parents, because my Dad needed a new suit for the wedding – he picked one out within 30 minutes :( It amazes me that men never seem to have problem with buying clothes. Then we also looked for some more outfits for myself and we went to this really fashionable store. I tried on a white skirt and a dark brown jacket – really cute! I liked it, but both together would have been 450 Euros!  No way am I  going to spend THAT much money on a skirt and a jacket!

In the evening we went out to dinner for my great-aunt’s 84th birthday. It’s always a nice big family dinner which I enjoy very much. My great aunt was doing pretty well yesterday which was good. She had been short of breath for a long time and she still has a hard time walking longer distances, but she’s doing so much better than a few weeks ago. Now she’s actually looking forward to the weddings and not scared that she won’t make it.

This is the last few days in a nutshell. I am sorry if I have neglected you and I’ll try to be better about updating.
Big hugs to you all!