Hi everybody,

the first week back @ work is over. It’s amazing how quickly you get back into the daily grind – anyways, it was a good week and I enjoyed my week, but I am also very much looking forward to the weekend.
I just need to catch up on some sleep (isn’t that what I always do on weekends? )

This week I finally got the Chrismas package from my parents. It only took 3 weeks to get here… that’s not too bad, I guess. Fortunately it hadn’t been opened and all the goodies (especially some german bread and liverwurst) were still good. Now my fridge is packed with lots of German foods *yummy*
I also had asked my sister to send a german teen magazine called “bravo” because J had never seen one and he wouldn’t believe me that they have pictures of nacked people in there. he was quite shocked and said that a magazine “LIKE THAT” would cause american parents to go berserk! I find it quite funny that kids don’t know anything -or not enough for that matter- about sex, because their parents won’t educate their children about sexual things and then go crazy if a magazine tries to do their job.

Anyways, enough of that…
I got a letter from the DMV this week and I thought “Hey, they’re going to send my driver’s license”, but instead it was a letter informing me that my visa status couldn’t be confirmed with the INS :(
Not again!!!!
So I went to the DMV on Wednesday to clear up this matter and the lady at the reception disk was such a b****. Just the way she said “next in line” just drove me crazy. So I tried to smile and politely informed her about my case when she said that they make a copy of my visa and the I-94 in my passport and send this to the INS.
Well, the visa in my passport has expired last August, because I got an extension on my DS-2019 which serves as my visa now, but she didn’t even want to listen to me! I got so angry :(

She told me to call the main DMV office which I did when I got back to the office and I talked to a really nice lady who told me that I have to fax her the new DS-2019. Well, that’s what I tried to tell the woman at the DMV office… so that’s what I did and hopefully I’ll get my driver’s license soon.

  1. Hey, that would be cool if you added me to that German diary (to the list who can read it) :D I’m gonna subsribe to it.

  2. Thanks for adding me to your German diary. And yeah, not many people know what it’s like to feel like that. I think even people who live in another place or have done that sometimes don’t understand. I easily can adapt to situation and places, and then easily feel at home in another place, and then it’s hard for me to leave. But for now I’ll just enjoy the time I have here, after all still 5 months (to the day actually).

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