Christmas time

The weekend was perfect to get into that special Christmas mood. We had more snow on Saturday morning and it was freakin’ cold, so I bundled up and took the train to Köln. Surprisingly, Köln didn’t have any snow at all… but the Christmas market had started next to the cathedral and it was beautiful. First I went window shopping for a little bit, looked for some boots [found some real cute ones in chocolate brown, but they had this white lining along the sole which looked just weird and decided not to get them] and then had some Rievkooche [Reibekuchen] on the Christmas market. At 3 p.m. I met with Regine at the train station. We went to Starbucks and had some coffee. We were lucky and got a table with two of these nice big arm chairs and we hung out there for about two hours. It was really good to see her again.
The train was cramped with people on my way back which is not surprising for the first weekend of the Advent season.

On Sunday, I took a walk to the downtown area with my Mom since we had verkaufsoffenen Sonntag and all the stores were open. It was snowing real hard and it was fun to walk around. We made some hot cocoa when we got home and ate some self-baked christmas cookies that my Dad and my cousin had baked that morning :)

Yesterday Sanni came to visit :) I picked her up at the train station at 10:20 a.m. and we walked home and had breakfast first. Then I showed her my room and we spent most of the day inside chatting, laughing, cutting out scrapbooking templates and working on a movie clip [made with the windows movie maker]. We had lots and lots of tea and it was a really fun day. [Thanks again for coming to visit, Sanni!]

On a side note: I HATE the Telekom :( I wonder how many incompetent people can be working in one single spot. I told you that my Dad decided to get a router for our Internet access and it took us three days and consulting three (!) different people from Telekom to figure out which would be the right option to do this. We told them that we had two computers and that we were using a switch port right now to go online and that we wanted to go online with both computers at the same time. The first two people were not able to tell us that we could get their new deal [changing the T DSL service and getting a router for free] but then needed to get a wireless card for one of the computers since the router only came with one cable plug. It took us three days to figure that out and we only did, because I basically knew what we were looking for. Just imagine people who don’t know anything about routers, wireless and such at all… they would be totally lost with service personnel like that :( Oh well, why am I not surprised about this?

  1. hey, sounds like a really nice weekend again. aren’t you totally getting into the christmas-mood as well? i lourve it :-D {v} only 3,5 more days, sweety

  2. MY pleasure, hun. Thank you for being…just yourself- Love ya {v}

  3. hey your weekend sounded very nice.:-D glad to hear that you enjoyed your time with cutie sanni, too:-) i am so looking forward seeing you and kim on friday…yikes….love ya so much

  4. Oh I dislike the Telekom, too!!!!! Ugh!
    Your weekend sounds really nice! I’m glad that you are having a good time here even though you don’t wanna be here. Goody goody!
    Miss you Sweets!

  5. nobody likes the telekom. so glad i did not get that job when i applied there. hehe. anyway, why does anyone has to talk about food today??? soooo hungry!!!!  why is everyone meeting up again, and i am stuck here???? :-(

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