Yay… good news – I got a phone call from the DMV the other day and they will FINALLY send me my driver’s license… it’s “only” been three months. Don’t know what took them so long again, but apparently everything has to be “checked with the Department of Homeland Security” – whoohoo. Obviously they couldn’t find any reason why to refuse issuing my driver’s license.
So hopefully I’ll have the little plastic card in the mail soon

Oh yeah, and then I totally forgot to tell you that they were chasing a robber outside of our apartment the other night. It was between midnight and 1:00 a.m. (Sunday night?!) when we were woken up by a helicopter whose search light shone right into our bedroom window (well, that’s what it felt like!) Then we heard police dogs and Jon peeked out of the window to see what’s going on.
The gate to our apartment complex was open and he said that police men with dogs and flashlights were walking around.

Boy, I was kind of scared. Well, as mentioned earlier, it was “only” a guy who robbed a convenient store near by that they were looking for – but I didn’t know that back then and J’s comment -that they’d had better look for a murderer or something, otherwise he would be seriously offended for disturbing people’s sleep in the middle of the night- didn’t really comfort me!
J stayed up until 4 a.m., but I was pretty tired and had to get up early, so I tried to go back to sleep after an hour.
I am just happy that it was nothing “too serious”, because we’re getting used to seeing the helicopter all the time!!

Anyways, work has kept me busy the last few days and now I am out of here!

  1. Wow, finally!
    Your neighborhood sounds scary! Go get a gun and a doberman to protect you! LOL ;-)

  2. Ist ja wie in einem Krimi! Hilfe!

  3. Hey I see your life is just as exciting as mine. They seem to be chasing robbers everywhere these days :pI’ll be in SF from the 12th to the 18th of March :)

  4. Its always scary when something like that happens :-( Sorry it happened but at least you were safe inside :-)

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