The 100-Day Project | Update

As you might remember, my friend Tobia inspired me to join the #100dayproject earlier this year. In previous years, I had always found excuses not to join but Tobia kept reiterating ‘What is the worst thing that could happen? Even if you can’t follow through, you will have spent one more day being creative than before, and you’ll have tried something new.

She was not wrong.

So I decided to join, but keep it simple. I had heard about reverse coloring for the first time last fall and received a reverse coloring book for Christmas. It was the perfect gift for this project. Instead of line-drawn images that you fill with color, a reverse coloring book has unfinished watercolors where you can trace the shapes, draw figures, doodle, shade, or cover areas with patterns. It seemed easy enough.

I admit that I have not kept up with the project as I hoped. I haven’t been working on this 100 days straight, but I have pulled it out frequently – even took it with me on my trips to Europe, because it’s so portable and easy to use anywhere – and I’ve enjoyed just tracing the lines and filling in little patterns here and there.

Elisabeth’s post, where she shared her own creative adventures with the (exact same!) reverse coloring book, reminded me that I hadn’t shared any of my doodling. So here I am today to share some of the pages. It’s not frame-worthy or anything, but I found the exercise of reverse coloring quite soothing and some of these look pretty, and I hope to continue with this activity.

Have you heard of reverse coloring, or maybe even tried it yourself?


  1. I haven’t heard of reverse coloring, but it looks really stressful to me. The perfectionist in me would always be wondering if I did it right!! Do you find it stressful?

    1. I thought I might but it didn’t – I found it to be quite relaxing.

  2. This post just reminded me that I had started this myself but didn´t follow through…..
    Well, I`ll try again!

  3. I have to admit that I don’t fully understand what reverse coloring is (despite your descripition!) but I think your end results are very pretty and soothing!

  4. I had not heard of reverse coloring books. I think I would prefer a standard coloring book, but I do like your pages. I have an artsy side and I really enjoy getting my creative juices flowing.

  5. Well, you know I know about (and have used) reverse colouring books. I bought one for my daughter several Christmas’ ago, but recently is the first time I had tried it myself. I REALLY enjoyed it (more than colouring, to be honest, because it only requires one thing – a thin-tip black pen). I think some of the pictures in the book are hit-and-miss, but it’s still a win for me!

    I love what you’ve done with these pages; the last one is my favourite. It looks like something that would be frameworthy!

  6. I only heard about it through Elisabeth! And now you, of course.

  7. I’ve not heard of reverse coloring, but your work suggests it can be lovely. It’s pretty.

  8. I’ve heard of them through Tobia and Elisabeth, and enjoyed their pictures. My coloring skill is pretty low…I like a game on my phone where I just tap the cell and it fills in with color. I like seeing the pictures that all of you post, though, it’s very cool!

  9. I hadn’t heard of these books until Elisabeth mentioned them. I am not great at coloring so maybe I could be ok at this! I like that it only requires a single pen!

  10. Thank you for sharing your project and some of the pages. I love them all but for some reason I am drawn to the first one with the bubbles most. at least today.
    I love a reverse coloring book. I have one here and don’t use it often enough. I should though.
    My project came to a standstill. Just a few minutes ago I was pondering if I claim defeat or try to reactivate. Tried this twice but somehow lost momentum. We’ll see. But I’ve been creative for 79 days. It is something.

  11. I love traditional coloring books and only heard of reverse coloring books through you! I love your end results, but like NGS, I’m worried I would find it really stressful haha. I would be like, “Am I doing this right?!?!” But maybe it would be less stressful than I imagine!

  12. Oooooh I am going to get one of these for Dorothy for Christmas– she will LOVE IT.

  13. I love it! I had heard about this from Elisabeth, and it looks intriguing. I would love to be able to draw but am absolutely terrible at it- I wonder if this is something I could actually do? It might be worth trying.

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