What’s going on in February

I signed up for a crochet class, starting next week. This is mainly Amy‘s fault ;) Although, I don’t consider this a bad thing and don’t blame her, but rather thank her.
It helps me keep my goal for 2010 in focus: be more crafty and creative!

I know how to crochet (in theory), but haven’t done it in quite a long time. More embarrassing is the fact that I completely mispronounced the word (for lack of knowing that it is, indeed!, a French word and lack of opportunity to actually use this word – in conversation – before) and the lady at the other end of the phone line probably fell from her chair laughing when I called in to sign up for the class.
But what the heck, I am not a native speaker, I am allowed to make mistakes! I don’t mind if people have a good laugh at my expense every once in a while :) I laughed pretty hard myself, to be honest.
However, I decided I am boycotting the German word for “crochet” from now on because after you listened to this [click on the little speakers], it just sounds like the most boring thing you could ever do, while this sounds so uplifting and fun :)
German is indeed a funny language sometimes (or maybe it’s just the fault of this boring, totally unmotivated dude that they hired to record the word for the website.)

Anyway, I am really looking forward to dedicating one evening of the week to this! Now that I am almost done with my cross-stitch project (No.1 – No.2, the baby quilt, is still in queue), I am glad to have something else lined up to keep my crafty side going.

Stay tuned!


You other German speakers had better own up  that you didn’t know how to pronounce “crochet” either, or I wish the ground would open and swallow me up right about now!

  1. I should sign up for a class too. My sister in law taught me about 3-4 years ago. So like you, I know the concept of it. I just need more practice and alittle guidiance! Enjoy the class!

  2. Ummm, I did know how to pronounce 'crochet' (did you pronounce it 'crotch-it' before? Because that *is* kind of funny). But I am sure there are plenty of words I am pronouncing wrong if that makes you feel better. ;) That German dude saying 'häkeln' almost doesn't sound like a human voice, it sounds so robotic.
    Must admit when it comes to knitting, crocheting, and cross-stitching, I am not crafty at all. I am in fact anti-crafty because I used to hate doing it in middle school.

  3. I am so excited to hang out with you!

  4. I actually used the word “crochet” first before I knew how it was spelled. The first time I used it was a couple years ago when one of my fellow Army wife friends in Germany got into crocheting. She had a book about it at home and I looked at it and realized: Wow, this is how “crochet” is spelled. Weird.

    But don't worry, just a couple days ago, I learned how to pronounce “homogeneous”. Being a non-native speaker is such a joy!

  5. Good luck with your class! I'd love to learn how to knit, crochet or even cross stitch (I tried that last year and made a horrible mess of it!) but I have absolutely no crafting skills …

  6. haha, I am still laughing about how that computer says the word “haekeln”. No wonder :-)
    Have fun in class. Did you get my email?

  7. I always wanted to take a crafty class like that. Haven't done it yet. But sounds fun – enjoy!

  8. You're making me feel better :)

  9. I pronounced it “croch-et”… seemed pretty obvious to me :) Apparently not.

  10. dackelprincessmaribeth

    February 3, 2010 at 12:33 pm

    I want to start a scarf to go with my new coat. I went to the yarn shop today, but they were closed, even though they said they were open. This shop is so unpredictable!

  11. I am just learning to knit, and maybe some day I'll be able to crochet (the fun sounding one…)! So far I have knit 4 rows and purled 3! Large sweaters here I come!! :)

  12. HOW did you say it on the phone?? LOL I just listened to the “unmotivated guy” three times in a row and laughed every time :)

    Have fun crocheting!! My nan taught me when I was a kid and I made lots of blankets and tea cosies, but I never mastered the art of knitting…

  13. Here I am – I didn't know how to pronounce “crochet” at all! Kind of funny how the translation thingy says “haekeln”….

  14. I pronounced it “croch-et”- just like it is spelled. I don't know, I didn't think much about it, I guess. :)

  15. German is such a fun language, I love it. My German professor used to say, “Speaking German is like dancing with my tongue!”

    I used to know how to crochet but I've let my (not so) mad skills go…

  16. Fun! I've always wanted to learn how to do something crafty like that.

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