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Have you heard of the Favorite Things Party? I love this concept!

How generosity changes your brain.

What an interesting perspective. Can you relate? The Pandemic Skip. 

Why you should divide your life into semesters, even when you’re not in school.

These habits can cut the risk of depression in half, a new study finds. 

12 Easy Home Projects You Should Do Every Fall.

Around the blogosphere

How To Create Your Own Pre-Packed Travel System.

How to stay in touch with long-distance loved ones. Do you have a funny rule?

Well, I May Have Debased Myself to Become Speaker of the House, but At Least I Didn’t Accomplish Anything LOL (I am sorry, I am usually a very compassionate person but there are a few people I have no sympathy for.)


FREE: Printable Halloween Treat Labels.

Halloween Crafts – For Adults. Do you decorate?

DIY Halloween Ghost Decorations.

Cardstock Leaf Napkin Rings. Such a cute idea!

For my runner friends

How Yoga Can Help with Post-Run Muscle Soreness. I’ve been incorporating a lot of yoga into my daily routines and I can attest to this.

Running on an empty stomach: benefits and risks explored. I confess: I more often than not work out on an empty stomach. 


Halloween Bark. Such a fun idea.

Do you cook with nutritional yeast? 

Brown Butter Almond Apple Cake. This looks delicious and just right for the upcoming holiday season.

Can’t wait for soup/stew season! White Bean Pumpkin Turkey Chili.

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  1. I LOVE nutritional yeast. Don’t use it daily – but definitely weekly.
    I used to run on an empty stomach but not anymore.
    And I don’t decorate much for any holiday other than Christmas…

    1. I love nutritional yeast too but don’t use it often enough. What’s your favorite way to use it?

  2. I have never heard of a favorite things party, but I think I might suggest it for our December book club meeting. It would be fun!

    I’m obviously Team Snail Mail for staying in touch with loved ones who are far away, but I also text a fair amount. I think the silly rule I have is that I have a list of people I make sure to touch base with weekly/monthly/yearly and I have notes in my calendar about it! It ensures I do it, but I’m not very spontaneous about it!

    1. I had only recently heard about the favorite things party and I think it’s such a cool idea.

      I love that you “schedule in” time to get in touch with loved ones on a regular basis.

  3. Hey San! Thanks so much for the links. I loved the craft links and the everyday girl link :)
    Here is what I would like to share:
    I love this playlist on Spotify
    Great for writing, and simply relaxing.

    1. Oh thank you so much for sharing the link to the Spotify list, Daria. I love that.

  4. I recently heard about favorite things party and plan to organize one before end of the year, what an excellent idea to gather friends.
    i used to use nutritional yeast when I was vegan, i like the cheesy flavor.
    i’m doing more yoga post marathon and really enjoy the mindfulness of it, will definitely do more for my next training cycle.

    1. Yoga has been so good for overall recovery/mobility for me. So great you’re finding the same true for you.

  5. I had to laugh because your post showed up TWICE today in Feedly! But I would rather have double San than none at all any day!

    The Favorite Things Party sounds so fun! I want to do one with my friends now. And I clicked so fast on the DIY ghost decorations. I love little ghosties!

    1. Ha. Feedly is trying to make up for lost time LOL (but thank you, I am so glad posts are finally showing up again!).

  6. I only clicked on one link so far – the pandemic skip. I think that is so interesting. I definitely see it in my family. I feel like we all lost time, and sometimes when I think of all the craziness, I can hardly believe it happened.
    I use nutritional yeast (nooch, I call it!) all the time. And you know how I feel about yoga. I’ll come back and click on more links as I’m intrigued by the favourite things party.

    1. The Pandemic Skip article was interesting because I think people experienced the pandemic in so many different ways.

      What’s your favorite way to use nooch?

  7. I love the “how generosity changes your brain” article. I work in the CSR/Social impact space so this just gave me a great idea for an end-of-year giving post for our company intranet.

    1. Oh yay, glad it sparked an idea for you :)

  8. My group of college friends does a favorite things party every year! We used to do it in December but that time of year is so busy so we moved it to February and call it our Galentine’s party. It’s so fun!!

    1. Oh, you’ve been to a favorite things party? How cool. I’d love to participate or organize one some time. It sounds like fun.

  9. The favorite things party sounds like a wonderful concept I would love to be part of.

    I didn’t feel like reading the pandemic article. It seems like the lockdown and pandemic years haven’t had that much impact on me and my life as it had. for other people. I am not sure if I am. in denial or if it’s just reflective. I experienced a few times now that people talke about it very emotionally and sit and listen and have not much to contribute.

    1. I think the pandemic experience was very different for many different people. Personally, I also feel like the impact on me and my life was comparatively small but that probably has to do with the fact that my life was more introverted (plus, we don’t have kids) anyway, so the changes were subtle. I believe it’s probably the same for you.

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