A wishlist

It’s the time of wish lists and gift guides around the blogosphere and I personally enjoy these kinds of post. I know, I know, Christmas is not all about the gifts and I wish I was someone who would completely forego the Christmas shopping madness, but I also have to admit that I love shopping for small gifts for my family and friends around this time of year and I equally enjoy putting a little wish list together for myself.

My biggest wish – as always – would be to spend time with family and friends for Christmas, but since this won’t be in the cards this year (again!), I am going to fill my holiday season with all the holiday cheer I can get my hands on.

Sharing a little wishlist of pretty (and functional) items that I’ve come across is part of that. Those are all really just “would-love-to-have” items. Some of them are totally reasonable and maybe in my future budget, some are just things that caught my eye, but  which I probably won’t get (right now or ever). Some might be a gift inspiration for you. Who knows?

1) These above knuckle rings are so pretty!! I have to figure out what size you wear on this part of your finger though – ha!

2) I haven’t 100% decided yet which way to go in 2017, but I am leaning towards the Inkwell Press Planner again. I’ve had it for the last two years and it really works well for me. I am not that fond of next year’s cover choices, that’s why I haven’t bought one yet, but I think I’ll make a decision soon.

3) I found  this Boho long Tiny Star Necklace while browsing Etsy recently and I just love how versatile it is to wear. If you know me, you know that I love stars (I have a stars necklace and  even wear a tiny star piercing in my ear scapha) and this would be just a lovely addition to all my star-jewelry.

4) It’s that time of the year when you can use an extra layer of warmth. These Leg warmers seem perfect for yoga or just hanging around the house.

5) Yarn! One can never have enough yarn and I’ve become a bit of a yarn snob. I won’t buy just any cheap yarn anymore and prefer the higher end cotton and wool blends. This one is so beautiful (in teal, but also in a bunch of other colors!). What’s your favorite (dk) yarn to work with?

6) I love my current iPhone 5s, but it’s 3 years old now and I think it’ll be soon time to upgrade. Besides the missing headphone jack (not sure how I feel about that yet), the iPhone 7 seems like a really sweet gadget.

7) One of these days, I am going to invest into a Cricut cutting machine. I just hope that I would use it as much as I think I am missing one right now. Who has one and can give me some feedback?

What’s on your wish list?

  1. I’ve had one thing on my wish list for a long time now – the 35 mm f/1.4 canon lens and I finally got it! Then yesterday my computer completely broke down and I’ve found myself with something else I’ve had to get. So yay Merry Xmas to me? It’s a pretty expensive Christmas.

    1. Oh, I hate when that happens. I mean new tech things are awesome, but yes, expensive!

  2. I love seeing others’ wishlists as well. I also could go without gifts, but I know my mom doesn’t want to give up getting us gifts so I have to keep coming up with a list. My list is pretty much all kitchen stuff! A couple of things I want are a big stock pot to use for canning, a splatter screen to put over pans when browning or frying things, and a fish gurgle pot (no one seems to know what this is when I mention it so here’s a link: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B002A2O8GI/ref=wl_it_dp_o_pC_S_ttl?_encoding=UTF8&colid=NT7I9MMM52V7&coliid=I3PCNMMV93YVPN).

    Those leg warmers are so cute! I’m also cold so would love something like that. And when I saw the photo of your yarn, I could tell it was malabrigo! That’s my favorite brand of yarn!!

    1. That fish gurgle pot is awesome :)

  3. I’m going to need a phone upgrade here soon, too. My 5S is on its last legs, but I’m going to keep using it until it can go no further!

    1. Is it also the battery?

  4. I also always wish for happy and healthy family time, and I would love to have a happy and healthy pregnancy and baby resulting from IVF! Materially, there is a necklace that I am coveting, but it is $$. We have a friend who is a jewelry designer, and I’m hoping maybe she can make a version for a push present (at some point).

    1. Oh, that is great that you might be able to get your friend to make you the jewelry! :)

  5. That necklace is so pretty!


  6. That planner is so pretty! If I still used paper planners, I would probably want that one, too!

    For some reason, I don’t want a lot this year. The only thing I could think of is a pink Kate Spade wallet and the CA travel mug from Starbucks. LOL

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