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25 of Our Most Interesting Geography Facts. Nerd alert.

Reading Well. 

I need to learn this skill. How to Pack in Just a Carry-On.

The Art of Translation. This is super-fascinating to me. I took literature translation classes in college and you have no idea how hard it is to translate books from their original language to another language without things getting “lost in translation”. 


Around the blogosphere

What is one of the nicest compliments you have ever received? Do you give out compliments freely?

37 Hacks To Save More Money (Real Money-Saving Tips). Some of these tips are useful, others not so much.

An ode to an unattractive $9 piece of plastic that brings me oodles of quotidian joy. (HINT: It’s referring to a hummingbird feeder and I can 100% relate.)

Tackle Your Clutter Battles: 5 Life-Changing Questions.

15 Questions That Will Change How You Shop.

What Your Phone Is Doing to Your Body, and How to Fix It.

The 80/20 Rule Helps Simplify Life. I didn’t know that this rule did not only apply to diet. 

That made me laugh. I Regret to Announce That I Will Not Be Canceling My Plans with You Tonight.

Also: Email Greetings for Modern Times.

Most expensive states. Sigh.


Dotty Baby Blanket. So pretty.

Free Printable Calendars 2024.

For my runner friends

Benefits of High Protein Breakfast.

The Best Meals for Runners (+ 20 Recommended Recipes).

Unmasking the 17 Most Common Running Excuses That Hold You Back

Unlocking the Power of Easy Miles: The Key to Effective Easy Runs.


This looks delicious! Healthy Wild Rice & Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms.

Easy Herbed Dipping Oil For Bread. Is there anything better than dipping fresh bread?

A delicious summer treat: Frozen Yogurt (In Under 10 Minutes!).

I want to make these: Almost Instant Red Curry Beef and Garlic Noodles.

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  1. After a trip to Mexico last August, I have decided that never again will I travel with checked luggage – carryon only! I suppose I shouldn’t say never. Never say never BUT carryon travel is just so easy. And, segueing into the 80/20 rule, if you only wear 20% of your clothes 80% of the time, then packing for a few weeks travel should be simple! I like the 80/20 idea a lot.

    1. I’d love to travel just with carry-on. I think I could do it to a warm destination vacation… but when I go to Germany, I usually bring a lot of stuff there and take a lot of stuff back, so I am not sure how to deal with that.

  2. What Your Phone Is Doing to Your Body, and How to Fix It really hit home for me; my neck issues / pinched radial nerve came from how I sat at my work computer and looked at my monitor. I remember being so embarrassed when my PT asked me to send a picture of me in my “normal” working posture! Great tip shared there, and some great reminders about how little time we’ve really had these smartphones, yet how much they’ve changed us.

    1. I think we’re all affected by this more than we know (or would like to admit)… I’ve been trying to pay attention to my posture a lot.

      1. Gah. I would love to improve my posture – do you know of any resources? I try standing up straight but just doing that doesn’t help. Sigh.

  3. Thank you for the calendar link! I loved that lettering! As for the link… Hmmm. How about this one? Yoga for when us ladies have our cycles.

  4. I am very good at packing in a carryon! I can not stand to check luggage! My work carryon is super super tiny but I can still make it work for a 3-night trip. Wearing dresses really helps as there is less volume to pack. I also used a carryon when Paul and I went to AZ for 4 nights and got both of our stuff to fit in there!

    I am not in one of the most expensive states. Hooray! Minnesota is one the highest states in terms of taxes, though, but you get what you pay for… our schools are excellent, we have beautiful parks, etc etc. It is tough to be in such an expensive area, though, so I feel for you.

    The protein post was helpful as I’m trying to get more protein in my diet and should probably start with breakfast!

    1. I’d love to travel just with carry-on and I am so impressed you even managed to do that when you went to AZ with Paul! That’s impressive. I think I could do it to a warm destination vacation… but when I go to Germany, I usually bring a lot of stuff there and take a lot of stuff back, so I am not sure how to deal with that.

      I am also trying to incorporate more protein in my diet and I thought the post had some good suggestions!

  5. love all the links for the runners! i get boring with meals, so these inspirations are so useful to fuel the hunger attacks.

    1. Yes! I felt the same way about the meal ideas for runners! I am glad the link was useful for you too.

  6. Oh the mushrooms with wild rice look amazing. But I would be too impatient to prepare it like that. But the combination I’ll keep in mind.

    Wow the 2024 printable calendars already pop up? I haven’t even an idea for mine… Should I do one again?

    That one sentences from the minimal post “We often underestimate the mental and emotional burden of clutter—it can drain our energy, distract our attention, and weigh on our minds.” rings so true. But it is so so hard to follow through. Thanks for sharing and reminding.

    1. I know, I was surprised too that there are already printable 2024 calendars… slow your horses, people!

      I feel the same about the minimalist post. I want to declutter, but it’s also hard to do. Work in progress over here!

  7. Those geography facts were really cool! Thanks for sharing.
    I sometimes get the worst crick in my neck from the way I’m staring down on my phone, and it reminds me how bad my posture is! Ack.

    1. I try to be a lot more conscious of my posture since I read that article!

  8. We always try to pack carryon when we go to Europe because of the multiple connections and the stairs everywhere. We will do this when we go to the US and Germany in November. Doing the laundry makes it possible for a month-long trip. Plus I keep the outfits simple.

    1. That’s impressive that you pack carry-on for overseas trips. What keeps me from doing that is often that I want to take things to Germany – or bring stuff back – that I can’t take in a carry-on. I think I would be fine if I just had to pack clothing appropriately.

  9. These are wonderful as always! Thanks for letting me nerd out on geography statistics (and get my brain focusing on something else, for once!). :) also loved the clutter-busting questions. Necessary and important things to consider, for sure, when we are overwhelmed. I should print them out and put them on my wall. :)

    1. I am so glad you appreciate the link posts… I always want to share if I come across great articles online! :)

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