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16 Ways To Practice Do No Harm (But Take No Shit)

How to train your brain to increase your attention span.

Would you vacation apart from your spouse? I would and I have.

Do you know your peak productivity times? Something to contemplate.

What’s your sleeping position? The best sleeping positions for minimizing aches and pain.

My Experience With Imposter Syndrome — And How To (Partly) Overcome It. Interesting read!

4 Brilliant Ways to Respond to Someone Gaslighting You.

Since I just mentioned something about “failing communication” in my Five Things Friday post, I thought this was pretty genius (IF the person does actually read short emails): The 15-Minute Weekly Habit That Eased My Work Anxiety and Made My Boss Trust Me More

Around the blogosphere

I think Kyria shared something very important: My Last To Do List: Trusts & Other Documents.

I loved that Kate realized that it’s OK to Become Someone New.

Sarah is fortunate to travel to beautiful places and her latest post about the Best Panini in Florence made my mouth water. I’ve not been to Florence (but that part of Italy) and now I want to go back.

I can very much relate to Cynthia about her thoughts on To Pass or Not to Pass: An Evergreen Language-Learning Struggle.


Pen recommendations.

Printable Art for Your Home.

For my runner friends

The Role of Sports in Education: How Participating in Athletic Activities Can Help Students Develop Key Life Skills. I agree with this 100%.

The Ultimate Guide to Running Lingo.

Is It Ok To Wear Running Shoes Casually?

How to Build a 12 Week Half Marathon Training Plan.


Pasta with Roasted Fennel. Love new recipes where I can use fennel.

I recently made a variation of this Cod & Potatoes in Rosemary Cream Sauce and it was delicious.

I love a good pound cake and anything with lemon. Iced Lemon Loaf Pound Cake.

I store my sourdough starter in the fridge. How to Bake with a Sourdough Starter Stored in the Fridge.

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17 thoughts on “May Link List

  1. I bet you know how I feel about vacationing without my spouse! Right now he’s heavily involved with Boy Scouts, so that’s where all of his PTO goes. When the rest of my family goes to Boy Scout camp, I go somewhere by myself and for myself and it’s wonderful. Once he’s done with Boy Scouts we’ll have our trips together again.

  2. i’d totally vacation without my spouse. i did that last year when i went to germany for the marathon. I spent 3 days with my best friend in Bolzano, and then berlin alone. It gives so much freedom to oneself, and the sense of individuality comes back naturally, reminding me who I am beyond mother, wife, colleague. I should have that every year :)
    had fun going through running lingo.. first time heard about it. :)

  3. I am taking my first “vacation” without Phil this summer – I’m meeting my friend Amber for a girls trip in the Banff region of Canada! It will be my first girls trip since getting married! I’m really excited. He’s doing a golf weekend with friends this summer, too. We enjoy traveling together but also like having our time with friends!

    I am a side sleeper. Sleeping on my back would be tough as I am embarrassingly prone to snoring. So out of respect for Phil, I sleep on my side!

    1. So excited that you’re going to take a trip to meet up with Amber! Vacationing with friends can be so awesome.

      I am mostly a side sleeper too… I think most people fall into their natural sleeping position and it might be hard to change it .

  4. I am new to vacationing without my family. I usually have either my husband, my daughter, or both with me. Back in 2016 I went to Oregon to celebrate my step-mom’s birthday, and they couldn’t make it. It was a very different trip. I missed them, but loved the freedom of being there without them. Since then, I went to Washington DC with my step-mom and my sister in 2019, to Los Angeles with my BFF in 2020, and to France with my cousin in 2022. I must say, only paying for myself instead of all 3 of us is much cheaper! This year we are going on a family vacation, which we need to start planning. We’re going to Alaska to visit my brother and SIL. My daughter has been before, but she was very little and doesn’t remember it. My husband hasn’t been before.

  5. I have been away without my husband, but usually with other family members.

    I’m a side sleeper and hate sleeping on my back. I went to an Osteo last year and he said to make sure my lower leg was straight when I slept and the other just slightly bent so that my neck wasn’t pulled forward and that worked a dream to stop me from waking up with a headache.

    All those photos of paninis! YUM! We’re going to Bologna later this year so I think some Italian panini will be part of my near future.

  6. Wow San, you have some great links here! I LOVE the “do no harm” article- that’s worth re-reading again and again. And I want that roasted fennel dish RIGHT NOW. It looks really delicious.