Hello April 

We’re entering the 2nd quarter of 2017. Welcome. Stay a while.

April has started out with gorgeous spring weather, lots of sunshine and warm temperatures here in Northern California (although, some more rain is still in the forecast). I’ve been enjoying the early morning sunbeams in my kitchen and not having to use the heater much anymore.
The thermometer hit 80°F for the first time this weekend. I know that other parts of the country are still freezing, so I will be grateful, but I’d also be happy to pass on a few degrees. I am happiest in the mid 70’s.

April is going to be a relatively uneventful month, I think, but I am looking forward to it nonetheless.

+ I’ll be gone on a quick overnight work trip to SoCal. I wish I had time to go to the beach and see some friends, but that will have to wait for another time. It’s still nice to get out of the office every once in a while.

+ I am settling into my new cubicle life. We were moved in last week and except for missing my window + view, I am adjusting. Sort of. It’s interesting because if you have worked + shared an office with a co-worker for such a long time, where you could practically lean to the right and look that person in the face, there is a lot of interaction going on that has ceased since we moved into the cubes. You just don’t talk to each other through over a wall, as you do when you sit face to face. So, it feels less social, but also less private when you have to be on a telcon. Luckily, we don’t sit in a huge room with tons of cubicles. It’s just the two of us in the main suite surrounded by four (real) offices (with doors).

+ Three days into April and I have officially hit my reading goal for this year. I thought 25 books was ambitious (I only read 13 books last year), but apparently not so much. Time to set new reading goals for the rest of this year!

+ I am overdue for a haircut. That will definitely happen this month. I am contemplating a little bit of color for the summer. What do you think?

+ I am hoping to meet up with Tanja later this month. It will be an anniversary of sorts, because we met for the first time IRL a year ago in Manhattan Beach! Of course, we’ve known each other much longer!

+ I have officially started half marathon training again last weekend. It was time to set some new goals and give a little more structure to my workouts. Nothing will come of nothing.

What’s going on with you in April?

  1. 25 books already? Wow!
    I hear you – cubicle life just different…. I still can’t believe, I got used to it.
    I’m so excited to see you soon, friend!

    1. You know, I am getting used to the cube… I do have a little bit more personal space and I love stting up new spaces (it all looks pretty clean and organized around here LOL)

  2. I used to work in an open air trading environment which means we were all on long desk with no walls around us and very little space between us – so no privacy whatsoever! It took awhile to get used to it and my love/hate of the arrangement depended on who I sat by. When I last switched jobs, I went back to working in a cubical with high walls for the first time in almost 5 years. It took some adjustment but now I like it as I have a bit more privacy. If I was you I would miss the windows for sure, though!

    That’s exciting that you are going to start to train for another half! Do you know which one? I’m hoping to increase my mileage over the next several months so I can run a 10 mile race or 1/2 marathon this fall. We’ll see how my hip handles that, though! I don’t want to push myself too much, though, so need to be careful. I’m antsy to get back to racing, though!

    Send some of your heat my way! I can’t wait for 70-80 degree days. I’m really hoping it’s sunny and warm on our wedding day but we’ll see what mother nature gives us. If I could ‘order’ weather, I’d request sunny and 75!

    1. I am signed up for a ‘progressive’ half in May (which isn’t really a half at all because it’s not in one piece- LOL) and then I am going to run the SF half again in July :)

      I am glad to hear you’re getting back to race running yourself, but I understand that you want to take it slow!

      I’ll definitely send you a few degrees :)

  3. Way to go on your reading goal! I have already read more books than last year too, but not as many as you, so I’m impressed! Keep it up!

    1. Thank you – I am a bit surprised myself. Way to go on already reading more books than last year yourself!

  4. That’s impressive with your book reading! i’m trying to get a bit better about it, but have been falling behind. Thanks for the kick in the rear I needed to read :)

    Also! I totes need a haircut too.

    In a way I miss cubicle life. Though I don’t. I work from home, so sometimes it can be a bit isolating but there were things about sharing an office that I really did love (mostly when my office mates were awesome) :) Hope you have a great week!

    1. I wish I could work from home a few days… it’s a nice change, but I don’t know if I wanted to always work from home. I can see how you miss out on social interaction!

  5. Damn, 25 books already?! That’s awesome. I haven’t been reading as much this year as last year, but I’m comfortable with my slightly slower pace, especially because I;m planning a wedding & trying to work in some new hobbies & activities amidst it all.

    Man, a weekend in SoCal, even for work, sounds soooo nice. Enjoy. :)

    1. Hey, sometimes other hobbies takes priority over reading… and you’re still reading a good amount! :) Which new hobbies did you take up??

  6. Have a great time here in SoCal! I’m sorry about the cubicle life. But it sounds like you’re making the most of it!

    1. Thank you, I love SoCal (and miss it – I used to live down there!).

  7. Oh no! Not a cubicle! I went from having my own office for years, to sharing an office with a colleague (which I didn’t mind at all, I found it a little distracting, but overall we become good friends and still are even though we don’t work together anymore) to moving to completely open-plan (no offices for anyone). I really found it hard to adjust with all the noise!

    1. Yeah, the cube-life is an adjustment, but I am sure I’ll get used to it :) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Congrats on reading 25 books already. That’s awesome! Good luck with you next reading goal for the year. :)

    My sister has work trips – she loves it! Sorry you can’t do too much on your upcoming one, but hopefully it will still be nice.


    1. I love the occasional work trip for sure. It’s nice to get out of the office :) Thanks for stopping by!

  9. You are really killing it with the reading this year! Nice job on 25 books already. You’re on track for 100!

    I work in a cubicle farm, but I kinda like it. It helps that I like everyone I work around and we get along great, so whenever I need a break from the screen and to chat with friends, I can do that!

    1. OMG, 100 books would be amazing.. I am not trying to overcommit myself though ;)

      I think having great co-workers is what makes cubicle-life ok… I just don’t like not having much privacy when it comes to phone calls and such (but then again, I didn’t have that kinda privacy before either ;))

  10. Mid-70s or even mid-60s is the absolute best (with a cool breeze). I could live in that kind of temperature year round.

    It definitely takes some getting used to when you go from an office to a cubicle, especially after sharing that office with someone for so long. But you will for sure get used to it before you know it. And you never know, down the line, they may switch it up again for you.

    I’m super overdo for a haircut as well. Need to find the time though, something I’m constantly lacking!

    April starts to ramp up for me. It gets busy from now through the fall, which I love because it’s busy stuff with friends (work is the same). Birthdays, BBQs, going to breweries or wineries, photography sessions, etc. And a certain protest on April 22 for science…. ;)

    1. I think I am already getting used to the cube. I have a bit more personal space, which is nice… but I miss my window view!

      Busy stuff with friends is the best <3

  11. I just chopped 9 inches off my hair, and I loved it for a few days, and then I saw a handful of pics from my super long haired former life (pics of GOOD hair days, of course) and now I’m missing it like crazy. Sigh.


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