10: This week


seen // Collateral. Real Time.
heard // Pandora stations that I recently set up. I like.
read // Still working on “Drift” by Rachel Maddow.
done // Cooking. Crocheting. Knitting. Crafting. News-watching.
ate // Crockpot chili. Yogurt. Apples. Chicken soup. Bread, always bread.
drank // Coffee. Tea. Water. Apple juice.
clicked // Blogs and lots and lots of political news articles.
thought // Did this really happen? (Yes it did!)
pissed off at // Hypocritical statements. Hateful reactions to the election results.
smiled at // A photo of my nephew. A friend’s awesome week! ♥
bought // More yarn. A crockpot. Groceries.
wondered //  When fall would finally arrive in CA (note: last Thursday).


{inspired by my friend Tara}
  1. Mm. Bread. I could never survive low-carb.
    (PS – copied this post, love the format!)

  2. oh i love it :) and please share your pandora stations. have you ever heard of the app 8track? it’s the concept of the good ole 8 tracks with music mixes on it. you should try it out, i love the heck out of it right now.

  3. Oo, this is fun post idea! I might have to do it one of these days!

    I have ate a lot of popcorn lately. It’s my go to afternoon snack!

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