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Thank you to everyone who has been finding their way to my blog these last few weeks. I am not sure if you subscribe (through another reader than Feedly, where the posts actually show up in a timely manner), if you clicked on a comment that I left on your or someone else’s blog, or if you just remembered to come by… but as some of you might still have noticed, my RSS feed still has issues and apparently doesn’t update in Feedly at all or in batches with a major delay.

I was so, so happy when I finally moved hosting services earlier this year and everything was going so smoothly, and now this.

I’ve been doing some digging online and I’ve been communicating back and forth with support (from Feedly, my new hosting service, the WordPress forum) and have still not completely figured out what’s going on. I have checked my RSS feed with an online feed validator and it’s valid, there doesn’t seem to be an issue with the feed URL generated by WordPress. I have deactivated plugins, and switched my layout (as you might have noticed), but to no avail.

Other RSS readers seem to pick up the RSS Feed just fine (I tried, Google RSS, and BlogLovin). So, I am not sure why my RSS feed has stopped working – or only works intermittently- in Feedly. I know others (e.g. Kae) have had problems with their RSS feed in Feedly in the past. Their support is very slow to respond, so it’s been slow going in the troubleshooting department.

At this point, Feedly and the hosting service keep pointing fingers at each other. Feedly says it cannot connect to the website, my hosting service says they’re not blocking anything. The whole thing has been testing my patience because shouldn’t they be able to figure out what is going on? Aren’t they the experts?

I just want this fixed. I have been using Feedly for years and never had an issue, and I’d just hate for people to think my blog is no longer operational because Feedly makes it look like that.

While I wait for support to help me figure this out, may I ask for some feedback? Which reader/subscription site do you use to keep up with blogs? Do you all use Feedly? Is there something more reliable out there? (I would hate to switch, but this ordeal gives me second thoughts.)

Do my blog posts show up for you in a timely manner? Have you noticed any issues with Feedly with your own blog (or with other blogs, not just mine)?

Any feedback is appreciated! Of course, I’ll keep you posted about any more trouble-shooting insights or solutions, lest this happens to someone else. Just know: I am still here!

  1. San, I have noticed twice that your blogs appear in batches on Feedly. I just thought it was me, and I’m sorry for not alerting you! I’m glad you got the word from others. I will stop using Feedly to read your posts, though, now that I know this is an issue — I will just come directly to your site. So frustrating that this is happening! I hope you and your web host and Feedly get things straightened out soon.

    1. Thanks for the feedback, Suzanne. I’ll keep you guys posted. I hope we can figure this out.

  2. I use one called “The Old Reader” which is based off the design of the old Google reader.
    It works well!

    1. Thank you – I’ve heard of The Old Reader!

  3. I also get your posts in batches every week (maybe more?). Now I just navigate to your site a few times a week. Sorry this is happening; so frustrating and I hope it gets resolved quickly.

    1. Are you also using Feedly? I thought that you used a different reader… but maybe I remember that wrong. Thanks for the feedback though. I do hope they’ll find a solution.

      1. I am using Feedly to subscribe to your blog. I also use Old Reader (I actually use different readers for different blogs; Old Reader holds the blogs I don’t read as frequently and so it just helped clean up my Feedly feed to keep my absolute fav blogs – which, obviously, includes yours! – and the rest I have in Old Reader. I’ll add you into my Old Reader feed as well and see what happens, okay!

  4. I’ve noticed your posts coming through in batches to feedly. Sometimes I’ll click through on a post and go through to find posts that haven’t come through yet. When I do click through I usually make sure I pop into the main blog page anyway to check I haven’t missed anything.

    1. Thank you for the feedback. This is so frustrating, esp. since nobody seems to be able to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden.

  5. I am so sorry this is going on. Things like this make me want to throw in the towel.

    I use Feedly and both feeds updated all at once, and that overwhelms me and makes me less likely to read at all so now I am trying to remember to check here manually.

    1. Gah, this is so frustrating, esp. since nobody seems to be able to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden. I have spent hours of my life trying to google and fix it myself, but even this hasn’t been fruitful yet.

  6. I use Feedly and today there is a huge batch of blog posts from you in my feed that didn’t show up before!

    1. Dang. Thanks for the feedback. So annoying!

  7. Yep, it was me who also had MAJOR issues with this exact same thing happening!! Sadly, I have no answers for you- the only thing that ultimately worked for me was switching to a site and letting them handle all the hosting, etc. definitely pulls into all the big feed readers with no issue, and ever since I switched, it’s been smooth sailing. But, it is extremely frustrating, because of course many many other people self-host with and do not seem to have any issues! So why I had issues (and you are, too) is beyond me. The best answer I ended up getting, sort of, was that my particular host apparently used some kind of security system called…. Bit Ninja? maybe? Something like that. I can’t remember. But anyway, apparently it somehow interfered with Feedly and it was not possible to change it. Which seemed questionable, because Anne also was using the same host service as I was yet did NOT seem to have issues! No one seemed to be able to answer that exactly. They said there are all different servers or something and perhaps she and I were on different ones? I think?? It was just a mess and my knowledge level is so low on all of that tech stuff which did not help, either.

    In terms of your survey, I am currently using Feedly more and more these days to monitor blogs. I subscribe to a number of my favorite blogs/ the handful of originals I read. However, some blogs (Lisa, Elisabeth, off the top of my head) don’t have an option to subscribe. So I’ve started using Feedly more, and also as the number of blogs I read has increased, Feedly has felt more necessary to keep track of them all! I have been following yours on Feedly. I don’t typically just visit your site only because you are one who posts sort of sporadically/ not a set schedule, so I figured Feedly would let me know when you had posted…. but maybe that is not a good plan anymore! Haha. I did recently notice some batched posts come through on yours. I didn’t reach out though since I know it’s been an ongoing issue for you, unfortunately…..

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Kae. This is all so frustrating, esp. since nobody seems to be able to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden. The thing is, I know that some people with blogs have the same issues … and it’s like nobody can figure out where the issue lies. Shouldn’t support be able to pinpoint the problem?

      I mean this is the whole point of Feedly – for peope to NOT have to come here but be alerted when there is a new post. Sigh.

      I still do hope this will have a resolution at some point.

  8. Well a whole batch of posts from you showed up in Feedly today. Gosh this is odd! I hope you get to the bottom of it!

    1. Darn it. Thanks for your feedback. I’ll keep pursuing a solution.

  9. Yes! I use Feedly, too, and a whole bunch of your posts appeared yesterday (6/14). It was the fried potatoes post all way through your 6/11 Weekly Rundown post. I really should remember to come directly to your site to check more often since I know this has been an ongoing problem for you!

    1. Weird, nothing came in for me on the 14th… but apparently for some of you, even though it’s not up-to-date in my Feedly yet. This is all so bizarre esp. since nobody seems to be able to figure out why this is happening all of a sudden. I keep pursuing a solution.

  10. I’m following from Feedly – and it does seem like a bunch of your posts show up in batches now that I think about it!

    1. Dang. Thanks for the feedback. This is so frustrating.

  11. Just a comment from much later to say that yes, I still use Feedly, and yes, I am still seeing them in batches and often reading out of order because of the weird way I sort my favorite blogs (older to newer, because I’m always so dreadfully behind). My blog still seems to be okay, despite what happened to Kae’s blog. (And it’s even weirder, since we essentially live in the same place, and why would there be THAT much difference in our blog set-ups??) I’m sorry this is happening. I love your blog so much. :(

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