12 changes: May review

As you might recall, for May, I decided to spend some time on decluttering my home. I have to admit, May was a little busy – especially the weekends – and therefore I didn’t get quite as much done as I was hoping for. Nevertheless, I made some progress.


Look at the difference I made on this table! I filed a whole bunch of bills, receipts, statements and other paperwork that you need to keep organized and also cleared up almost half of the table top. There is still some work to do (I am thinking I have to come up with some sort of organizational system, some extra boxes, shelves or something), but there is actually some space on the table that I can use for something else than just piling stuff.
I really want to turn this into my crafting table, where I can just sit – do stuff – walk away – come back – keep working. I wish I had a spare room for that (because obviously it’s not a very organized sight when your crafting table is in the dining room, but oh well, you gotta work with the space that you have).

I haven’t really gotten around to cleaning out my dresser/closet, so I guess that this will be a goal for another month (not June).

How did May go for you? Did you achieve your goal?



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  1. At least you did something about organizing! And at least it’s still in your mind to take the next step in order to free up more space. I’d call that a success, even if it’s not exactly finished in the time you were hoping!

    We were ridiculously busy in May … which means we were overflowing in some of my goals … but, I totally sucked it up in terms of reading. Sigh.

  2. I’d say you definitely made some progress! It looks great. I love the Real Simple on the desk :)

    Maybe the next step would be to find some good storage containers. I need to go shopping for more of those to get my office organized!

  3. Ooooh, I need to declutter!! I’m famous for shoving things in drawers and making it *look* clean!

  4. Congrats on the organization!

  5. I love organizing and decluttering – it energizes me. I know, I’m weird … I didn’t make any goals for May and I’m glad I didn’t – it ended up being such a crazy month with health issues and whatnot that I’m just now starting to feel caught up on “regular life” – without any extra projects. Maybe I’ll start with the goals again in June :)

  6. I guess. This afternoon, Savannah Rose was born and I became a grandmother!

  7. Your space looks fantastic- good job! You’re kicking butt at 12 Changes :)

  8. Nicely done. I didn’t make any goals for May, but for June I’d like to to some decluttering as well. I just own too much stuff. Mostly I need someone to come to my house, make me model all of my clothes, and tell me what sucks – lol.
    Have a great June –

  9. Yay, you’ve made some great progress! Congrats, girl! I haven’t…haha…I was going to organize the office/ guest room so we can actually put a bed in there for our guests…well, what can I say…I guess it will happen in June!
    Happy Friday xxx

  10. Wow, your desk looks awesome! Way to go! I bet it makes a huge difference for that area to be so nice and tidy.

    I love organizing. My home is in dire need of it right now. I have been putting it off until after the CFA, but once I gain 15-20 hours of my week back, there is no excuse! ;) I am going to tackle my piano room and clothes closet.

    May was a busy, but productive month for me. I studied more than I have in my life, and also fit in runs, which I am happy about.

  11. You did a great job! It looks much better! You know what you need is those stackable “inbox” things, so you can stack like 3 or 4 up and have one shelf for magazines, papers to file, important papers etc. Also, you can put taller stuff on top of the top one (other organizers like the paperclip one sometimes have an attachment to fit right on it!)

  12. Haha, I love that in both pictures you have a magazine about de-cluttering your home! ;) Good for you for making some progress!
    I really enjoy throwing out old stuff and making everything all neat and tidy, I just never seem to be able to muster up the inspiration to START… (I’ve been moving so much over the past few years, though, that I’ve been de-cluttering every 6 months or so… Thank goodness! Otherwise I’d be buried under All The Things by now!)

  13. That’s some definite improvement. To be honest, the fact that I’ve accumulated so much stuff really bothers me lately… at the same time, I know I would have a hard time getting rid of things that have sentimental value to me. Luckily in my current apartment, it doesn’t look cluttered as I have so much space but I know it would become a problem if I moved into a smaller apartment (not to mention, it would make moving a lot more difficult).

  14. A huge improvement! And I think my favorite thing is that there are issues of Real Simple in both the before and the after pictures.

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