Currently | February

READING | All the flowers in Paris by Sarah Jio.

EATING | fresh bread from the International Market, because #breadisnottheenemy. Can’t stop, won’t stop. 

DRINKING | Trader Joe’s Well Rested tea (peppermint + camomile, turns out is the combination of two of my favorite teas!). 

LISTENING TO | NRC Guided Runs. I am building up my mileage again and tried Nike Run Club’s Guided Runs for my long run last weekend. It was nice to have a ‘coach’ in your ear that would periodically check in with you and encourage you to stay focused.

WORKING ON | a more regular blogging routine. 

ENJOYING | some girl time with my friend Susi and our mutual friend Ute (who was visiting from the East Coast).

LOVING | the spring like temperatures that we’ve been having around here. I’ve been getting out the sandals and have been running in t-shirts already. But in all honesty, we need some more rain. This will be one of the driest Februarys on record, if we don’t get any rain this week (which right now looks very unlikely). 

WEARING | my Birkenstocks! February usually has a few warm days before it cools down again.

WATCHED | “Marriage Story” on Netflix (after I realized that I hadn’t seen any of the movies that were nominated for the Academy Awards).

KEEPING | busy at work (which is great) and I am really enjoying the project that I am working on right now. It’s a more visual task, which is a nice change from a lot of previous excel work (although I usually don’t mind that either).

LOOKING FORWARD TO | March, my birthday month (although I can’t believe  that it’s already March! Someone, slow the clock down!). 

What’s going on with you currently?

  1. Awww I have to post my currently list, too. I love reading these! Also thank you for the reminder that we’re all out of tea! I love to stock up on it and haven’t had it in ages. I can’t remember if we already discussed Marriage Story but curious to know your thoughts! I totally loved everything about it ❤️

    It’s a very rainy day here today. Super gloomy. I wish we had at least one big snowfall—doesn’t seem like a winter without it! Hope you’re having a great week, San, and yay for time with friends and Birks!! Xoxo

    1. I can never be out of tea. It would be an emergency situation LOL

      I thought the Marriage Story was well done. I am ususally not a huge fan of Scarlet Johannson, but I loved her in this.

  2. How did you like Marriage Story?

    1. I thought it was good. Have you seen it?

      1. not yet….it is on our list though! :)

  3. I’ve been thinking of watching “The Marriage Story,” too. But I think I need to save it for a time when Phil isn’t around (which is very rare) because I don’t think he’d like it. I’m envious of your nice weather! I think the worst of winter is behind us but warm spring weather is likely very far off still. We can get snow in April so have a good 2 months of winter-ish weather left. But hopefully the subzero stuff is behind us! On the drive into work this morning, I asked Phil where he thought we would retire. He didn’t know but I said that if money was no object, I’d pick Santa Barbara or something like that!

    1. Haha, this is the reason I literally don’t watch any series/TV-shows/movies, because I want to watch stuff that Jon doesn’t want to watch and he’s always around, so I don’t get to watch much at all. But the Marriage Story was pretty good (I thought), so hopefully you can carve out some me-time sometime!

  4. I currently have plans to write a currently post. I love yours, though, especially that app that runs with you – and you currently working on more frequent blogging! That’s a currently good thing for all of us.

  5. I discovered peppermint tea with lemon juice and I quite like it currently.
    It is crazy how it seemed like its too warm all over the world this year. I find that very scary. How wonderful that you get to work on an exciting project at work. Its always more fun if you are excited.

    1. Oh, lemon juice in peppermint tea? I have to try this! ;)

  6. Thank you for sharing the tea idea! I love chamomile-mint and tried a now-discontinued brand from the UK. This will be on my to-try list for sure!

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