A Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming up in, oh, just a few weeks, and since I kinda love wish lists, I thought I’d put one together for my upcoming birth-aversary. Not that I am expecting you – or anyone – to buy me anything and most of these things I could probably, easily buy for myself (and maybe I will), but I just love to put this together for fun. I have noticed that the older I get, the more practical or workout-related items make it on my wish list. I am guessing that is a good thing.

As a list maker, I have a bunch of bookmarked items that I’ve come across (or that I’ve searched for) at one point or another. As a not really frivolous spender, I keep these items bookmarked as I contemplate the necessity of actually purchasing them. I am sure many of you do the same, amirite?

Anyway, wish lists are fun, so here’s one.

1. I am having my eye on a (smaller) Dutch Oven*. I have a bigger pot and I use it for *everything*. A smaller one would really work great for my bread-baking.

2. A mantra-running shirt, like this one*. I take great delight in the fun shirts with mantras that are out there and used to tell people at the gym that I love their shirts, if they said something funny, amusing,  or clever. (Not happening that often lately what with no longer being a gym membership.) Definitely puts a smile on my face. 

3. I haven’t really been using cycling shorts on the Peloton (although I know some people find the seat uncomfortable), but the only time I actually felt my butt was after the PeloFondo in January after a total of almost 6 hours on the bike and I think these Beroy Women’s Cycling Shorts* would come handy for the next long-distance challenge.

4. I have a chest-strap hard monitor, but I don’t know how people keep that in place (other than tugging this under their sports bra, which works alright, but has also led to some chafing from time to time.). This CooSpo Armband Heart Rate Monitor* seems like a nice alternative.

5. Do people still use lanyards? I do – or I will again – esp. when I go back to the office. This Threads Wallets Lanyard* is pretty. (Have you noticed a color scheme among my wish list items?)

6. My Birkenstock house sandals are slowly but surely falling apart (and I think they’re beyond repair), so I’ve been looking around for a replacement. While I could just go ahead and get the same Arizona sandals again (they’ve held up quite well for many years), I’ve also heard great things about these Birkenstock dupes* form Cushionaire and I might just give them a try.

7. I have mentioned that I need to replace my running shoes and I’ve fallen in love with these new Brooks Levitate StealthFit 5* running shoes. Isn’t that color scheme pretty? (Yeah, yeah, it’s not about if they’re pretty or not, but I’ve been running the Levitates for a few years and I know that they work for me and I love the fit.)

8. Somebody in my Peloton Streakers Group talked about this Headphone + Phone Holder* for the Peloton and that would be awesome to have (so I’d have a save place and don’t always drop my phone or headphone case, ha.)

9. In anticipation of returning to the office, this would be handy to take along: Oxo Pour Over Coffee Mug* + coffee sock filters*. I might not have my own office anymore if I decide to only come in part-time and this would be a nice “portable” set to make my own fresh coffee at the office.

10. I love this Baleaf Long Sleeved workout jacket*. It has a thumbholes AND watch window – what more could you want from a running jacket? 

Do you make just-for-fun wishlists for your birthday? And if not, why not?

* #notanad, This is not a sponsored post. I have not been compensated by the brand or anyone else for linking the websites.*

  1. I don’t make wish lists but what a great idea! I actually have Amazon credit and I never know what to use it on. I always buy essentials from that site but it’s nice to treat yourself every now and then!! Thanks so much for sharing, and those birk knockoffs look great!

    Random: do you have corded headphone recommendations for a senior who goes to the gym? I was hoping for something simple (they’re actually for my dad who recently joined a gym). He doesn’t have any now so just watched tv without volume at the moment.

    When is your actual birthdate? Wonder if you are a fellow Aries!

    1. If you have an Amazon credit, you should definitely “treat” yourself to something nice… not use it on essentials ;)

      I used my Apple wired headphones at the gym. Unfortunately, I don’t have any recommendations, but Apple always worked well for me.

      My birthday is on March, 10 – I am a Pisces.

  2. I don’t make just-for-fun wishlists, but it is a fun idea. I’ve been thinking about buying a dutch oven and the one you linked looks awesome. I’d love to try to make my own bread. I love the design of the cycling shorts.

    1. Baking bread in the Dutch oven works so well. You should give it a try!

  3. I have an Amazon wishlist I updated whenever I come across something I might want, but don’t want to pay for. Closer to my birthday and the holidays, I update it to make sure I still would like those items.

    I have a lanyard with my work keys on it – and those are keys I’ve never lost, no matter how many times I’ve lost my car keys!

    For Christmas, my best friend sent me a tshirt that reads “Loves Animals, Tolerates People” and it makes me laugh and laugh when I wear it. I mean, it’s too true!

    1. I feel that keeping an Amazon wishlist is a great way to give others some inspiration, if they really want to get you something for your birthday… to make sure it’s something you really want :)

      Glad to hear someone else uses lanyards!

      Haha, and the T-Shirt that you got for Christmas… I love it!!

  4. Happy soon-to-be-birthday! Does your Garmin not have a HR monitor? Or is the armband one more accurate?

    I tried the Levitate 4 last year and loved them but couldn’t wear them b/c the shoe was too snug on the top of my foot. I can’t wait to try the 5 b/c the not-stealth fit model has a different design so it should work for me. I’m being stubborn and waiting for them to go on sale. Honestly if they’d come out with a cool special edition that would be enough for me to spring for them.

    1. My Garmin has a HR monitor, but it doesn’t connect to the Peloton bike AND it’s less accurate (I don’t know if you ever looked at the graph, but there are a lot of bumps in it… of course it’s better than not having a HR monitor at all, but I do rely on external ones (that connect to my Garmin) for most of my workouts!)

      What a bummer that the Levitate 4 didn’t work out for you… my last pair were the Levitate 3, so I am curious what the Stealth Fit will feel like. I hope I love them just as much (I know they always make slight changes to new models), but the Levitate have been a great fit for me so far.

  5. I’m terrible at coming up with wish-list items. Or they just end up being very boring…
    I tend to dislike online shopping (or shopping in general), but these wish-list posts always look like so much fun! I can’t think of a single thing I want (other than quiet!) for my upcoming birthday in May.
    Although I had no idea they made shirts with WATCH WINDOWS. This is genius. One of the things I hate most about winter is having my watch buried under my bulky coat or – even when it gets a bit warmer – even a long-sleeved shirt. I’m constantly having to take off my gloves to see my watch. So maybe you’ve helped me identify a wish-list item?!

    Oh – I have something else. I want an oversized (read: HUGE) mirror for over our couch. It has been a giant, bare wall for over 4 years and enough is enough. I’ve been waiting to find one second-hand, but it just hasn’t happened.

    1. See, you do have some items that can go on a wish-list! I am not a huge shopper by any means, but that’s why I keep a list of useful, pretty things that I can refer back to. ;)

  6. Oooh I like your wish list! Happy early birthday!

    My birthday is not until April but I just sent my husband a link for a new watering wand for my garden. Mine is garbage, it totally leaks whenever I use it, and for some reason it’s been super hard to find watering wands. Oh yes, pandemic reasons. Everyone started gardening in 2020. Anyway, I hope I get it! I also put books on my wish list.

    1. A watering wand. That’s a good item to put on your wish list. Practical, but definitely something that you will enjoy having!

  7. Our birthdays are close- mine is March 21st. I guess I should start making a wishlist!
    I’m intrigued by the Cushionaire sandals. The reviews are great and so is the price. As a matter of fact I have them added to my cart right now. I might go ahead and get them as an early birthday present : )

    1. Yes, that’s awesome that you put the Cushionaire sandals in your cart. I am very tempted to give them a try, too.

  8. I love looking at others wish lists but I never put one together anymore since I don’t really get gifts from people anymore. My MIL buys me Christmas gifts and a birthday gift but that’s it. My parents give me cash for my birthday and Christmas and Phil and I don’t exchange gifts. So if I want something, I buy it for myself. I do try to keep a running wishlist for the boys, though. I like to give the grandparents ideas for birthdays and Christmas so they can get things they want/need, and to try to keep the amount of toys coming into our house as low as possible!

    My coworker just bought an arm-based HRM that she likes. I can’t remember what brand or model she went with. My garmin has a chest strap but I found it so uncomfortable. My FitBit tracks my HR. I don’t know how accurate it is, but find it accurate enough and don’t really use it when training. But I can see the benefit of you having better data for Peloton rides!

  9. I love making wish lists! My birthday falls in late November so I usually combine my birthday/Christmas wish lists into one.

    I am intrigued by the wrist HR monitor. I have a chest strap one, too, and I so rarely wear it because it’s just a pain to put on.

  10. The color scheme was the first thing I noticed before even reading. And it made. me. stop asI wouldn’t consider these colors your colors. And then I was wondering if the color of blue – calm, balance, tranquility – is something we look for in time of heartache and worry and stress. I was contemplating this the last few days while doing my 100 day project and I realized that my favorite color did change from red to blue when I had some really tough years.

    On another note, the coffee mug sounds like a great investment.

  11. What a great idea! I don’t have a wishlist but perhaps it would help my parents – who love to give actual *things*. I, personally, don’t need or want gifts but know they like to give things to me so… I give in.
    You have awesome ideas here…so linked to wellness. :) So very you!

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