Slow to catch on

I think I mentioned before that I am sometimes a little slow to catch on. This is the case with book series, TV shows, sometimes bands (although back in the days, I tended to become obsessed with some bands way before they got super popular and subsequently lost the appeal for me). I am not quick to jump on the bandwagon in regards to things. I like to take my time to research, assess, evaluate. I don’t usually like things just because other people like them. I don’t buy things because other people do. I need to be convinced that something is worth my time, money, or effort.


All this to say, I finally caved in and bought a nook last Friday. Me, the person who for months claimed that an e-reader is really not something that I would be interested in and that it is really not the same as reading a real book (and I still stand by this statement) and that I would never ever trade my books for yet another piece of technology.
But, and here’s the big BUT, after talking to some friends (especially Katherine) who swear by their e-readers and doing a little bit of research myself, I finally made the decision that yes, while an e-reader can never really replace the feeling of  a book with real pages in my hands, I can most definitely see the advantages of it (not only, but especially for travel and while on-the-go). I also already figured out how to borrow books through the online library. I must say, for books that I don’t necessarily need to own, it really makes sense to use the library more often and how convenient to be able to borrow books right here on my computer from the convenience of my home!

What also gets me really excited about the nook is the fact that J, the least techie person I know, is excited about it (which I really, honestly did not expect at all), but he said at least 4x over the weekend that he thinks it’s really great that I bought us an e-reader. So yeah, maybe we finally caught on!

Do you have an e-reader? Or are you a holdout and prefer real books?
If you have a nook, connect with me so we can share books and reviews!

  1. I love books, and I love my Nook too! It’s great for travel when you don’t want to bring multiple books and magazines with you.

    I’ll definitely connect with you!

  2. We have a Kindle. I love both regular books and Kindle books. Sometimes Kindle books are cheaper, and sometimes they’re not. Sometimes I think of a book I want to read and I want it RIGHT NOW, and so a Kindle is great for that. Especially if I’m traveling. But sometimes I just want to browse the bookstore and see if something looks good, and in those cases, I’ll buy a hardcopy.

    I like that I can have both based on my needs and desires.

  3. I have the Kindle Fire. And I totally love that! When we took our trip I was able to check Facebook and my email, as well as read my book! Love it!

  4. I bought a Kindle for Mark because he commutes on the train to work at home, so a e-reader is super convenient. I didn’t really want one myself though (I love books!). After he got it, I liked the ease of it so much that he eventually gave his to me and upgraded himself to the Kindle Fire (in part because he can get his magazines on it, and play games). We both love them now, and I love that I can still use my library while I’m in Ireland. It’s especially great for fiction that I tend to whip through, but I’d still tend to prefer hard copies for non-fiction.

  5. Congrats on the Nook – I hear good things about it! We have an iPad, but I don’t read books on it. I don’t think either Sweets or I are really committed to an eReader, though we’re also quite certain it will become the reading material of choice for our son and his peers.

  6. No E-reader, No I-Phone, No I-Pad,….sooooo old fashioned! :)

    1. Yes,….and all that even though my husband is a computer nerd and Apple fan! :)

  7. I have a Kindle and it’s absolutely my favorite thing in the world. It makes reading SO much more convenient and I do it just about anywhere now. Plus! If you’re reading a book with an embarrassing cover? HA! No more! ;)

    I thought I would miss the feel of real books, but I really don’t. I’ll still always love perusing bookstores but my Kindle works for my needs.

  8. I have had a nook for about 1.5 years and I love it. I resisted for quite awhile. My best friend, sister, and sister-in-law got them and raved about them, but I thought they were not for me. Well, then my parents made the generous decision to buy me one because they knew I’d love it. And as usual, they were right. I love how light/portable they are. I sound like a wimp saying this, but some books are really heavy and it’s just nice to have a light little e-reader instead! And best of all, they are awesome for traveling. When i went to Paris last year, I loaded up my nook and ended up reading 5 books while I was there! It would have sucked to lug 5 books to Paris! So I am definitely very happy with it. I’ve borrowed a lot of books from the library on my nook, too, and I think that is just so slick!

    Happy Reading :)

  9. It’s so interesting how at first, everyone was saying “I’ll NEVER switch to a Kindle/nook because technology shouldn’t replace physical books.” But then most people caved anyway. I’ve heard people rave about how quickly they get through books by reading on an e-reader, which entices me. It’s definitely on my wish list.

  10. I love my Kindle – so does my husband! Good choice San, especially the library deal is great!

  11. I got my Kindle over 2 years ago and I’m in love with it. I always carry my fav book with me without the heavy weight of some of the regular books.
    Congrats on your Nook….my opinion: everybody who loves reading will love an e-reader (maybe not as much as a regular book but still….. ;)

  12. I am so jealous of your Nook! That would be the one I would choose if they shipped to Canada. I love my Kindle, but I still buy most of my books in REAL. I just need to. I use my Kindle on vacations though and swear by it while I’m abroad. It’s been tough/weird getting used to leaving my precious books behind, but my suitcase thanks me each time now. And as someone who travels relatively regularly, it’s been great!

    Enjoy your e-reader, you’ll get hooked for sure :)

  13. I was totally against e-readers when they first started getting big. But then I bought a Kindle right before I moved to Korea and it changed my life: so convenient, especially for travel. LOVE my Kindle.

  14. We have a nook (we bought last year on our vacation in the US but use it mainly for games + surfing the web) and a kindle.
    I never wanted an e-reader, but now I love the kindle. :)

  15. No nook here. No kindle either. REAL BOOKS ALL THE WAY! STOP THE EREADERS! DOWN WITH EREADERS! Ha ha…. I kid… sorta…

  16. AHHH!! Do you love your Nook? I have been so tempted to buy a kindle but just am not ready to shell out the money yet…

  17. I’ve got a Kindle and I love it. I find that I actually read more now that I have since it’s so easy to just put in my bag and take with me. I definitely still intend to buy books and read real books, but traveling with a Kindle is just so easy. I loved that I could go to Europe with four or five books on it and not have to carry around a backpack full of books. Weight is precious when I travel and that’s the number one reason why I love my Kindle.

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