Currently | September

WEARING | my new Peloton shirt. Yeah, I might be a little obsessed.

LOVING | the beautiful early morning sunshine.

RUNNING | a virtual half marathon this weekend and I am not prepared. Admittedly, I kind of half-assed my training plan (partly because bad air quality prevented me from sticking to my training plan, and partly because the Peloton was calling my name. I am sure the excitement and newness will wear off eventually. Ha.)

LOOKING FORWARD TO | fall. Aren’t we all? I, for one, am over the hot temperatures (and I hope cooler temperatures and – dare I say it, gasp! – some rain will help slow down the fire season here in California).

EATING | plum cake. Once a year during the plum season (which is really short – between July and September), I hunt down Italian (Empress) plums at the local Farmers Market to bake this seasonal German plum streusel cake. (Come back here next week, if you’d like the recipe. Maybe you can still find Italian plums somewhere.)

RECOMMENDING | that while you’re at it, you also get some pretzel croissants if you ever come across any at a bakery. They’re so good.

DRINKING | coffee. What else is new?

ENJOYED | some girl time with my friend Susi these last few weeks and it’s been wonderful. I haven’t had any girl time in FOREVER. It feels good to be vaccinated, is what I am saying.

READING |  The Midnight Library by Matt Haig. I am not very far in yet, but the premise of this book is so intriguing.

(so) RELIEVED | that a huge majority of Californians strongly rejected the recall of our governor Gavin Newsom in California last week. Again, is Newsom perfect? No, but I think he has done a phenomenal job under difficult and unprecedented circumstances. This recall effort was a huge waste of money, IMHO. Just imagine what could have been accomplished with 276 million dollars.

What is currently going on with you?

  1. I’m ready for fall too! The Midnight Library was great! If you enjoy it, you might like How To Stop Time by the same author – it’s one of my favorite reads so far this year!

    1. Thank you for the recommendation, Kristen!

  2. I am craving plum-streusel cake now… Wanted to bake some two weeks ago for a visit with friends but kids are sick all the time so we didn’t meet yet. Maybe I need to do it for just the two of us. I am excited what you think of Midnight library once you have finished it.

    1. I hope you get to have some plum cake before the season is over! ;)

  3. I know from your FB update that you PR’d your half! Way to go! All those rides paid off! Goes to show it’s about more than just running! I am running my 10 mile race this weekend but it’s probably going to be a personal worst in terms of my time. Ha! But that is ok because running fast is not a priority for me right now. And this awful upper respiratory virus I’m recovering from really did a number on me so my expectations are even lower now. But I am proud of myself for running a 10 mile race while having a baby! Will turns 10 months that day so I guess I’m running a mile for every month of his life. ;) If it wasn’t for my neighbor, I probably wouldn’t be running and certainly wouldn’t be running a 10 mile race! She pushed me to get back out there and run with her. So I have her to thank!

    1. Thank you, Lisa. Cross training definitely paid off and I’ve never been someone who runs every day (3-4x a week has been my max). I am so excited that you’re going to run a 10 miler this weekend. I know how much you were itching to get back to running (and racing) and I am so thrilled for you. And hey, finish time is not everything…. but I know you’ll love being out there again. Go and just have fun!

  4. Cannot wait to read the Midnight Library. I’ll be eager to hear your thoughts. And, awesome job on your half! Cross-training for the win. Seriously. I make a peach kuchen but it’s not the cake-type kuchen – it’s more of a crust with a custard, and the fruit in the custard. If that makes sense. Probably not – ha! Your plum cake looks fabulous though – I’ll be back for the recipe.

  5. That plum cake sounds amazing (will check out the recipe).
    Haven’t seen any pretzel croissants at bakeries but will keep my eyes open :)
    I’ve heard alot about the Midnight Library and seen reviews online – it sounds like an interesting book.

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