Currently | September

BAFFLED | that it’s already the end of September. How is that possible? This year has just been flying by for me (anyone else?). I am starting to look forward to cooler temps and changing leaves now. September and October are actually two of the nicest months here in Northern California.

FEELING | thankful that we were able to spend some time at the beach when we were down in Ventura for Jon’s Dad’s memorial service. I sometimes wish we lived closer to the ocean.

EXCITED | that I have been working with a coworker who “thinks a lot like me”. She’s very thorough in her note-taking, reads emails carefully (and responds to all questions), and is just very detail-oriented and observant. What a rare treat! It’s very refreshing to work with her. 

THINKING ABOUT | NaBloPoMo 2023. A few people have brought it up in blog posts recently and I couldn’t be more thrilled to know that other people are thinking about it, too. We had such an awesome group of participants last year. I am not sure if we can top that but I am excited for a month of fun and more regular interaction. If you are considering participating this year, I suggest you start thinking about topics you’d like to write about in November. You know, just to get mentally prepared. Pre-drafting/note-taking is allowed, even encouraged. 

EATING | Pflaumenkuchen (German Plum Cake). It’s that time of the year and I was lucky to find the right plums at the Farmer’s Market earlier this month. It’s just so freakin’ delicious.

DRINKING | NUUN electrolytes during and after my workouts. 

FRUSTRATED | by customer service. I had not received a response from BitNinja (regarding my Feedly issue) in 2.5 weeks. What kind of business practice is this? Yesterday, I finally got a response though and after first referring me back to my hosting provider (we’re going in circles here, people!), they did say that they had unblocked three IP addresses belonging to Feedly. Now we wait to see if that really fixes the issue. (More waiting! Yay!)

To be honest, I really would like my Feedly issue fixed before November for NaBloPoMo. It would be a huge bummer if my daily posts just won’t show up. So, I’ve been looking into workarounds, just in case: if you want, you can try subscribing to in Feedly and see if that brings in my posts on a more normal schedule (and if so, please report back). If the regular RSS feed fixes itself by then, even better. 

also humbly ACKNOWLEDGING | that some customer service does still exist. If you recall from last month, I was lamenting the fact that the Safeway App wasn’t applying ForU Coupons to my purchase after providing my phone number at the store and I have had to get the clerk to manually apply these discounts for weeks! I talked to customer service at the store over the weekend and they told me to reach out to support (online or via hotline) to report the issue. I had a response within a few hours and apparently, my phone number was connected to two accounts (don’t know how, but okay). They have merged the accounts and it should be all good. I went to the store yesterday with Jon for a few items and lo and behold, my phone number worked and discounts were applied. Hooray. Who knew it could be so easy?

HAPPY | with my half marathon training. I had no hiccups during this training cycle (which is always a possibility) and have been able to stick to my plan. My race is coming up this weekend and I trust that I am ready.

FINISHED | the Conqueror Virtual Route 66 Challenge last week. I already mentioned it in my Weekly Run Down post, but I have since also received my official medal in the mail. Isn’t it pretty?

WATCHING | Sister Wives. Oh boy, the drama. Hey, you know, I am not here to judge. Everybody should be able to live the life they want, but it was so crystal clear to me from the beginning (I mean, this show has existed for years!) that there were going to be problems down the road and I am not surprised the family is crumbling. Plural marriages seem to thrive on the family aspect, when there are a lot of small kids and multiple mothers to do the mothering, but what is the husband supposed to do with four wives when the baby-making phase is over and these kids have grown up? I am sorry, I am over-simplifying this, but it’s hard enough to maintain one relationship in this crazy world, let alone four (plus a relationship with all the kids). Still, it’s fascinating to watch. 

What is currently going on in your world?

  1. Yes, I’m not sure how it’s the end of September but here we are.

    I’m almost certainly a no for NaBloPo this year b/c I’m having trouble keeping up with my normal weekly posts as it is. Like honestly I almost feel that I should do a “no post November” just to reset. My goal this time around is to be a better reader and a better commenter.

    It’s been a while since I’ve seen Sister Wives but if it’s on the odds are good that I’ll end up watching it.

    1. I understand why people opt to NOT do NaBloPoMo… haha. It can be a bit much/intimidating, but we’ll happy have you as our cheerleader ;)

      And yeah, Sister Wives is one of those shows where you can’t look away.

  2. Oh wow it’s almost NaBloMo again! That means my blog is a year old AND that I’ve been following your awesome adventures and fantastic writing for a year now. Not sure I’ll be able to do daily posts with twin babies but I loved it last year and support you all the way – looking forward to reading everyone’s posts!

    1. Yes! I remember finding your blog last year… I can’t believe it’s been a whole year, but then again, I feel like I’ve read many of your guys’ blogs much longer. I understand you will be busy with your little ones, so no pressure there.

  3. I’m looking forward to reading as many of the blog posts as I can during NaBloPoMo this year as we will be travelling so I’ll be a bit limited on time. Good luck with your race. Going into a race knowing you’ve done the training is all you can do and hopefully conditions on the day are good.
    I’ve added the alternative feed above to my feedly, hopefully that works better.

    1. Thanks for supporting us through NaBloPoMo. I understand that you’ll be busy with traveling and I hope you’ll have a great trip!

  4. I wasn’t sure about participating in NaBloPoMo…but I think I’m going to go for it! Now that I’m “starting from scratch,” I think I’ll repost some old posts from my previous blog to help build back up my “catalog.” I blogged for months without any readers, so it would be nice to float some of those topics again…and I don’t think I have space in my schedule to write 30 brand-new posts?!

    All the best with your half this weekend. Can’t wait to hear a recap.

    And my goodness that food! I am just drooling. It always looks so good. Someday I need to visit you in California and we can sip coffee and you can make me some German delicacies!!!

    1. NaBloPoMo would indeed be a great opportunity for you to repost some “lost” content… and I am a big fan of planning ahead and not everything needs to be written on the day that it’s posted ;)

      Come to California to sip coffee and eat German baked goods! :)

  5. I signed up for that feed in Feedly and will let you know the results. In the meantime, i just have a note to myself to check in on your blog every day or two. I can’t imagine how insanely frustrating it is for you!

    Yay for NaBloPoMo! I can’t wait to see how many people sign up. I’m so happy you’re hosting it again!

    1. I am still in awe of you for posting daily for months now…. NaBloPoMo surely seems like NBD to you now :)

  6. I know, September flew by. Actually, this whole year flew by. WHAT DAY IS IT. I mean, it’s been crazy.
    I’m a no for NaBloPoMo but I’ll be cheering everyone on!
    FWIW I use The Old Reader for blogs, and I have never had an issue with yours!

    1. Indeed! This whole year flew by. It’s crazy.
      Thank you for the feedback – I know other readers (like Feedly) were seeing my RSS feed just fine and I am glad you’re confirming this!

  7. I’m not sure about participating in NaBloPoMo again, but maybe I will end up falling backwards into it like I did last year. (The FOMO is real.) But I for sure will be checking in with your blog and others — it’s such a fun time of year.

    Good luck with your race!!!

    1. Just see if you’re up for NaBloPoMo. I always love seeing your posts pop up but I understand if people decide it’s too much…. I am just glad we all “found” each other and keep checking in with each other the rest of the year, too :)

  8. I’ll be doing NaBloPoMo this year, and I think my goal will be to keep my posts kind of short, because I know everyone will be trying to keep up on the reading and commenting as well. A couple of years ago I did an A-Z theme, which I may do again…November 1st topic starts with A, etc. We’ll see.

    That plumb desert is TOTALLY MY JAM. It looks amazing, and I would so happily put some vanilla ice cream on it. Delicious.

    A coworker who reads entire emails AND answers all of your questions??? WHO IS THIS UNICORN AND CAN YOU CLONE HER????

    Time at the ocean is always time well spent, isn’t it? I live closer than you do, but we rarely make the drive. Sigh.

    1. I love the A-Z theme!

    2. That’s a great plan for NaBloPoMo, Julie. I am looking forward to your posts!

      I know, right? My coworker who reads entire emails AND answers all of the questions is indeed a rare unicorn and I want to keep her forever. ;)

  9. I also love Sept/Oct in California; it is the best. I saw that it was actually supposed to snow in the Sierra this weekend but am hoping that I can still get out for a hiking weekend or two before it really gets socked in!

    Writing a post every day + reading 30 posts per person that I follow + commenting thoughtfully sounds hard! How do you manage to do it all? I am like your unicorn coworker — I like to read things thoroughly and think before answering etc. even with blogs and that sounds like it would be hard to do in this case. Do you limit yourself to only following a few people? What about the normal people that aren’t doing NoBloPoMo? Do they get left behind? I am curious how you juggle it all.

    Also, good luck at your race! I have one in November that I am very nervous about as I haven’t been running lately, but I know I can finish even if it’s slow, but that does not make me any less nervous!

    1. I know the concept of NaBloPoMo is intimidating – haha. I wonder every year if I can do it, and then I just do. :) Don’t feel pressured to join, but you can also just give it a try and see how it goes ;)

      I love that you’re one of the people who read emails thoroughly and answer all questions. It doesn’t sound like such a rare skill to me, but it apparently is.

      Which race are you running in November? The Berkeley Half?

  10. I’ve been going back and forth on NaBloPoMo – I love blogging every day, but keeping up with my writing PLUS comments PLUS other people’s blogs can be very stressful. I think I’ll plan to do it but give myself a lot of grace with the other parts of the process. I’m glad you’re hosting it again, though, and I hope your Feedly issues can be fixed before then!

    1. I understand that NaBloPoMo can feel like a lot. I think that every year… and then I still just go for it. I think going in with a plan and giving yourself is the perfect attitude! I’d be happy if you joined me!

  11. I haven’t had any plum cake this season. I am sad now. Sometimes my mom made one and brought a piece to our house. But now we live so off the routes she takes that this is not happening any more.

    How great that you have a team member who is thinking like you and works so efficiently. Specially after the hiccups from the project were you needed to look at old work after so many years. And even better that you can appreciate it.

    I am so looking forward to NaBloPoMo. I have actually started working on some post ideas already and outlining them in a calendar. Should we already sign up in the google doc? As it still says sign up for 2022. Don’t want to mess up your workflow.

    All the best for your race this weekend. But I guess you are already done now that it is late Sunday for me. Well, I will read about it in the coming days.

    I will sign up for the Feedly thing and let you know if that works better. Right now I just got a post dump of your blog all to be published two days ago. so that is obviously not the way it should work.

    1. Oh no, no plum cake this season. That is sad indeed. Wish I could send you a piece (from the freezer ;)).
      I am so excited you’ll be doing NaBloPoMo again. You’re my veteran participant <3 I'll get the sign up posted soon!

  12. I’m trying to remember to check your blog personally, instead of waiting for it to show up in Feedly!

    1. Thank you Kristen for coming by. I know Feedly is annoying but maybe it has fixed itself by now!

  13. I love people like that!!
    I want to participate in NaBloPoMo but have no idea how, when, where, etc. I am new to blogging so is it every day? Are there themes? Apart from posting every day, are there any other expectations?

    1. I’ll be posting about NaBloPoMo a little later this month. There will be a sign up sheet and I will keep track of the participants and post a list with links to everyone’s blogs. I haven’t done any prompts in recent years (there are plenty of blogging prompts out there), but yes, it will basically be “post a blog post every day of November” and then hopefully also follow and find new blogs in the process and comment on other people’s blogs as well. In the past few years I have done a little giveaway at the end for the successful participants as a little incentive, but it should all be just for fun and to interact more with each other.

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