A snapshot of my day | 8/10/2021

I stole this idea from Stephany (who adapted it from another blog friend) because it was a fun way to write a recap “day in the life”-style, which I haven’t done in a while.

Time I woke up: 6:00 a.m. Tuesdays are my run days and I usually get out for a 4-5 mile run around 6:30 am.

First thing I did upon waking: I turned off my alarm and got dressed for my run. I usually put everything out the night before so I don’t have to make any “decisions” in the morning and can just go. This is key to a successful workout routine in my opinion. Don’t even give your brain the chance to talk you out of it on a technicality (like clothing).

Today’s weather: Hot AF. 100F.

An out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened today: My project-lead and I had really productive work meeting with some colleagues from the East Coast, who are doing the same type of remote sensing work (change detection from SfM (structure-from-motion) aerial photography and LiDAR (light-detection-and-ranging) laser scan data) that we do. (Let me know if you want me to elaborate on what I do all day in a separate post – ha!)

Sometimes people in the science community can be a bit stand-offish, but these guys were super-responsive and very excited to exchange experiences and insights on our workflows and it’s been just so exhilarating to talk about our project with them.

Last thing I read (not on the Internet): A postcard from my nephew (he’s 11). (It says “when do we see each other again?)

Last thing I read (on the Internet): A remote sensing article.

Last website I visited: Google Maps (for work). Have I mentioned that I LOVE looking at maps?

Last show I watched: Schitt’s Creek. We’re almost finished with the series and need to look for a new series to watch. Any recommendations? Must be light-hearted and funny.

Last thing I said: “Enjoy your walk” (when Jon left for his afternoon walk).

Last thing I ate: oat crunch with strawberries.

What I was doing an hour ago: I was working on a dataset in Excel.

What I will be doing an hour from now: I’ll be making dinner. It’s German potato salad and kielbasa sausage tonight.

Current whereabouts of other members of the household: Jon is on his daily walk.

One thing I crossed off my to-do list today: I was evaluating a dataset that we received last week and had to write a summary for my co-workers about my findings of completeness, inconsistencies, questionable entries, and such.

It’s a bit tedious to write this all down, but I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping very detailed notes (in a searchable word document), so that I can always go back to tasks that I’ve done in the past and understand what I was working on and what kind of problems I ran into. You wouldn’t believe how valuable this kind of thing is when someone comes at you with a question for a project that you worked on 3 years ago (yes, that happened).

What was the last thing you ate and what out-of-the-ordinary thing happened to you this week?

  1. I love this post and just might steal it for myself;-) The last thing I ate was breakfast, which was an omelette with spinach and mushrooms, an English muffin, and a peach. I’m drawing a blank on the last out of the ordinary thing that happened to me so I’ll have to get back to you on that;-) And yes I love hearing about other people’s work. I’m a payroll accountant so I spend my days going back and forth between being buried in Excel and having the most interesting conversations that you could imagine with people about their pay. I’m telling you, it’s a fascinating life.

  2. Loved this! What a fun, and interesting format!

  3. Oooh, fun idea. Last thing I ate…it’s 5:07am and I’m drinking coffee! So I guess the last thing I ate was dinner last night, vegetarian Pad Thai. I went on an amazing hike on Tuesday, so I’m going to go with that as my out-of-the-ordinary thing. I’m very interested in your job – are you a geologist?

  4. I loved Schitts Creek so much! And now I laugh out loud every time I see a David meme on the Internet.

  5. Ooh, yay! I’m so glad you did this post. I love hearing more about your work, too. You have such an interesting job!

    The last thing I ate was a mini candy bar after lunch. :) And an out-of-the-ordinary thing that happened to me this week was seeing so many crazy bouts of scary lightning on Tuesday evening!

  6. I love that postcard from your nephew!

    Yay for a productive meeting with east coast colleagues! I take meticulous notes for the same reason – I’ve gotten asked for details years later!

    Did you already watch Ted Lasso? I haven’t but everyone says it’s light hearted and good!

    Last thing I ate was oatmeal… and out of the ordinary… we had a freak windstorm that took down a lot of trees (none big on our property, thankfully).

  7. The postcard from your cousin is so cute! The last thing I ate was my morning snack of yogurt with granola and berries. I have it every week day to tide me over until lunch! Something out of the ordinary is that Paul had a really hard time setting/falling asleep last night because his ear hurt after we put drops in that will help his ear tubes come out. We’ve been doing drops twice a week or probably 4 weeks and never had an issue but last night he was screaming and crying about how much his ear hurt. He refuses to take oral meds like tylenol or motrin so there isn’t much that I can do when he’s in pain which is really tough. We see the ENT next week to see if his tubes have come out yet. I really hope they do, otherwise he will need to have a very quick surgery to remove them/patch the hole. It’s a quick procedure but requires putting him under which is not ideal!

  8. I was going to recommend “The White Lotus” but then I saw that you wanted “light-hearted and funny” which… the show has some funny moments but not really light-hearted. But I second Ted Lasso! That show is so sweet and I love the portrayal of male friendship that you don’t often see.

  9. This is such a fun post to read. Another one I might steal.
    very smart of you to keep the notes from older projects. Going back to old projects trying to figure out what you thought is so tedious.

  10. I love these posts – the prompts make it seem more do-able than a DITL post to me!

    I am SO curious about your job. Are you a geographer? A geologist? Some kind of engineer? :) Inquiring minds would love to know!

    The last thing I ate was a really late lunch – a plate mostly full of veggies with tofu and a tortilla (standard work day lunch). The last out of the ordinary thing I did? Ooof. Um. Got my hair cut yesterday? :)

  11. Getting up at 6 am sounds like sleeping in to me ;-) I have always one of the kids getting up around 5, even on the weekends. I’ve started thinking a lot about my own schedule recently and perhaps I should use these early hours and try to fit some workouts in…
    Reading about your work is always so interesting. I’d love to come along one day ;-)

  12. Quite old…but Parks and Rec is probably my favourite light-hearted show ever.
    I love Nate Bargatze’s stand-up routines on Netflix (only a couple, so not a long-term entertainment solution)…hilarious and “clean” enough to watch with the whole family!
    Also, if it doesn’t have to be fictionalized, I will adore The Great British Bakeoff until my dying day. I tell people it is like a free hour of therapy for me. I love it so much (not sure why, but my adoration is unrelenting).

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